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Recent Kids' Books

Graphic Novels

Twisted Journeys #13: School of Evil
Text by Marie P. Croall, drawings by Sandy Carruthers

A comic book/graphic novel in the choose-your-own-adventure tradition. You're a new student at the creepy Darkham Academy, and it's your first day. You're here to study history, and your first new friend, a cheerful girl named Jess, is in science, on a scholarship.

Your first class is with Professor Aslem, a history teacher, a scary-looking older woman, but before she can start, a message comes from the headmaster: he needs a couple of students to help him. Jess volunteers, and urges you to do the same.

The choice is up to you, and whatever you choose, now or later, will affect your story. Will you go to bed and have a boring year where nothing happens, or end up being eaten by a huge slimy monster or meeting a ghost? Or disappear and never be seen again? It's up to you, and since there's a choice every two pages or so, you can read this book over and over again without ever getting the same story twice!

A fun and creepy read for ages 10 and up.

Sardine in Outer Space Vol. 6
By Emmanuel Guibert, translated from the French by Edward Gauvin

If you haven't met Sardine yet, you've been missing something! A crazy redhead with a cat who permanently lives on the brim of her blue witch hat, Sardine travels around space with Little Louie and her uncle, Captain Yellow Shoulder. 

In addition, there's her archenemy, the fiendish (but not very bright) Supermuscleman, and his evil (and somewhat smarter) minion, Doc Krok. That's in every volume, so what's new to this one? Well, there's Umby, the baby cell phone (from grandma's family cell phone plan), who has a little too much to say about the evils of TV (he wrecks the TV) and tells Captain Yellow Shoulder he's getting fat. And Robert Putto, the baby cupid.

And the day our heroes ride to a moon (in pursuit of Doc Krok and Supermuscleman, of course) on a freshly baked croissant (well, it is a French comic). It's a fun book for adults and children, at least if you like funny comics! Suitable as a fun family read-aloud for ages 6 and up, or for fairly capable independent readers 8 and up.