Takoma Park Residents Love Their New Library

Takoma Park Library

Takoma Park Residents Love Their New Library

A few months ago the renovation of the Takoma Park Neighborhood Library was completed. The branch closed in October 2008 for a six-month, $1.95 million renovation, and it reopened in March of this year. The renovation included the development of a vestibule entry that reflects the original style as well as a full restoration of the woodwork, improved lighting, a new layout and floor plan, replications of original furniture, and external work on the masonry and metal. The renovation is a wonderful example of retaining historical authenticity while at the same time offering modern conveniences such as additional computers, a cutting edge collection, enhanced media offerings, and furniture and wiring conducive to laptop usage.

One of the city's four Carnegie-funded library buildings, the Takoma Park Neighborhood Library is a Renaissance Revival-style brick building. It has served Ward 4 residents since 1911. It is the oldest public neighborhood branch library in D.C.

Staff and customers alike are happy to be back in the building. Although the bookmobile offered limited services while the renovation was taking place, nothing compares to the services offered in our lovely new library.  This summer we have had some amazing performers for children, such as Mr. Derby, Fast Freddy the Clown, and Janice the Griot, to name a few.  For teens, we have also hosted some great programs, including the Krumpn’ Style dance troupe Beat Ya Feet Kings. 

Along with special summer reading performances we have also been offering our own programs for children, teens and adults, including résumé workshops for adults, t-shirt design and other artistic programs for teens, and preschool story time, arts, and crafts for children. 

If you haven't been by to check out the new library facility, please do stop by. The new building will take your breath away!

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