Bear Spends the Night at the Library

Palisades Library

Bear Spends the Night at the Library

     This weekend was an exciting time for the Palisades Neighborhood Library as the first ever teddy bear spent the night at the library for the Teddy Bear Sleepover. Hobie Bear is a sandy haired stuffed animal originally from Rehoboth Beach. In his overnight adventure, he enjoyed several evening activites such as a pillow fight with the Wild Thing from the famous book, "Where The Wild Things Are", an evening snack of hot chocolate and ofcourse, he enjoyed reading a number of books. His owner was happy to have him back the next day though as they enjoyed a muffin breakfast and Hobie's owner read the letter he had written him about his sleepover adventures.

     You can enjoy some teddy bear titles just like Hobie and his owner. The library is full of fun books about teddy bears and other stuffed animals. Here are just a couple of suggestions:

 Above: Hobie enjoyed reading a book about a teddy bear picnic.

Above: Hobie and the Wild Thing played hide and seek under the covers.

Below: Hobie and the Wild Thing got into a pillow fight with pillows their owner's made for them.