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Kids' Book Reviews

Recommended Books for the Under Five Set

Recommended by Polly, Mt. Pleasant Children's Librarian

Each Peach Pear Plum: an I Spy book by Janet and Allan Ahlberg.
"In this book
With your little eye
Take a look
And play 'I spy'"
For years, this was what my mother gave all expectant parents; it's not a baby book, but as soon as a child is old enough to actively look at pictures, it's a charming and wonderful read aloud.
Each page features fairy tale or nursery rhyme characters (Mother Hubbard, Tom Thumb, Cinderella, the Three Bears and more!), and on each page you can find (with a little searching) the character who's going to be featured on the next page. The drawings are charming, the text is simple and rhyming, and everyone gets to eat pie at the end. What more could you want?
Ages 3 and up.

Moo, Baa, La La La
by Sandra Boynton
A very funny little animal sounds book! I love Sandra Boynton all the time, and this is definitely my favorite of her books. I just can't resist the three singing pigs in striped trousers! Anyone who comes to Laptime at Mt. Pleasant will know that I read this a lot, and you should too! Books with animal sounds are great for very young children, and books with animal sounds that can make an adult laugh are great for everyone. And I love it that we get big dog and little dog sounds in this book, because it's so true that they don't bark the same way!
Ages 1 and up.

Who Am I?
by Begin Smart Books.
Another great animal book! Each page features an animal mask that you can hold up and look through--which everyone will love, and you make the sound of each animal, and then ask "who am I?" Lots of toddlers find "what does the pig say?" questions a snap, but turning the question around ("what says 'oink'?") means they have to think a little harder, and thinking's a great thing for a developing mind to do!
Ages 18 months and up.

Bark, George by Jules Feiffer
George is a dog who can't seem to bark. Every time his mother says "Bark, George", George meows, moos, oinks, or something else strange. So his worried mother takes him to the vet. This book is a delicious combination of silliness, animal sounds, and very expressive pictures (watch mother dog especially), plus an ending that really gets everyone thinking. A great read aloud for preschoolers.
Ages 3 and up.