Neighborhood Library

Prom at the Library!

Come celebrate Prom at the Palisades Library!Beginning at 3 p.m.

Cinco de Mayo Celebration!

Family Story Time & Crafts

Please join us as we celebrate Cinco de Mayo!  

Rainbow Cloud Craft

Take advantage of the beautiful April weather and make mini clouds on Popsicle sticks complete with rainbow ribbons in the Children's Room.Take them outside and watch your rainbows blow in the wind!While you're in the Children's Room, be sure to breeze on through our selection of spring books to take home!We'll host this drop-in craft Sunday, April 27, 2:30-4 p.m.

Scottish American Heritage Month & Arab American Heritage Month

April marks a time to reflect on the contributions and impact Scottish Americans and Arab Americans have made on the United States. 

Game On! Teen Game Time

It's Thursday afternoon: congratulations! You're almost done with school for the week! Come by the library to let off some steam, hang out with your friends, play a few games, and just relax.For a full list of Game Time dates, click here.Feel free to bring a snack! This program is for teens and tweens. 

Henry James

Henry James was born in April, 1843, into a prosperous family of writers and philosophers.  He lived in England for most of his adult life, where he was friends with many of the prominent writers of his day.  Many of his novels involve Americans trying to fit into European society.  In celebration of his birthday, Palisades Library has a display of books by and about Henry James, including:

Squishy Ball Craft

Feeling stressed? Or maybe you just like to squeeze things!April is National Stress Awareness Month, so visit the Palisades Children's Room to make your own squishy ball. Squeeze it when you want to relieve some tension or when you're feeling bored! 

Are You a Poet and Don't Know It?!

National Poetry Month

Ever find yourself rhyming with ease?  Making puns, or otherwise speaking with flare?


Michelangelo is one of the most famous artists of all time. An accomplished painter, sculptor and architect, he is most closely associated with the Vatican.Born in Florence, he spent most of his life in Rome. Everyone who has any interest in Western art aspires to one day see his works in person.In celebration of his birthday, March 6, Palisades Library has a display of books about Michelangelo and his art, including: