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Teen Kindle Winner

Congratulations to the Winner of the Summer Reading Raffle!

Congratulations to Steve M., winner of the Teen Summer Reading Raffle!

Walking Tour of Palisades

Walking Tour of the Palisades

For the summer reading program, the Palisades Library has hosted three walking tours to historical sites located in the Palisades neighborhood. The walk was great; I enjoyed the fun. It was a long walk to the park but I had fun walking with the Palisades Library staff. I really want to do this again. The program was hosted by Kimberly and Becky. This post was written DeVaughn Proctor, as part of the Marion Barry Summer Youth Employment Program. 

Image from the BioArt collection, by scientist Paul Odgren


Visiting Exhibit at Palisades Library!

A brand new exhibit is coming to Palisades Library, and it is the STEAMiest exhibit in town!

Palisades Library Renovation Project

The Palisades Library is going to be renovated. Learn more about the project.

Fairy Tale Feasts

The Search for Delicious

Recipes from Children's Literature

Have you ever read a book that featured an item of food, either real or imagined, that sounded so delicious you wanted to taste it yourself? As a child reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis, I wondered how delicious a Turkish delight was. What could possibly taste so good that you would sell out your family and friends?

A Little Life

Books So Thick You Could Build a House with Them

But really you should read them instead

What better to prepare for those longer, colder nights than with an epically long read. These books will keep you going if you happen to be snowed in; you might find you even them so much, you’ll find yourself forgetting how long they are.

The Unwritten Volume 1: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity

Not Your Average Character

Graphic Novels for People Who Don’t Like Superheroes

I hear a lot of complaints about graphic novels from adults who don’t understand the genre. They say, “Oh, I don’t like graphic novels, they’re all about superheroes and they always have the same type of villain. It’s all about the comic book artwork and not about the plot. They’re too predictable.” These graphic novels are anything but predictable.

Drew Storen

Thank you, Summer Readers!

Thank you, Summer Readers!   We had a great summer, with over 575 children registered for Summer Reading at Palisades Branch! Every child who completed the program this summer received a free book, and other great prizes, including free tickets to a Washington Nationals baseball game (ages-6-12)!  We hope that everyone had as much fun as we did. Special congratulations go to the raffle winners of the Kindle Fire (ages 6-12) and bag of books (ages birth-5), Sammy K. and Jacob B. respectively (pictured here)! 


Books to Inspire Wanderlust

Nonfiction Books About Hitting the Road

It’s mid-August and the end of summer is a lot closer than anyone would like to admit. Maybe you didn’t have the chance to do as much vacationing as you would have liked to, or maybe you got badly sunburned and have vowed to never go outside again (like me). Whatever the case, these books about wanderlust filled individuals will help to stave off the doldrums of returning to one’s regular life and may even inspire your next journey.

Self-Check Out

My Library Blog

My final post as an SYEP library employee

During my time at the library, I learned how to run the Sirsi system to check people in and out at the circulation desk, check out items myself, learned and explored the library’s website. It was fantastic. I also helped set up programs like: Harry Potter movie night (I also participated in this event.) I also learned how Drupal works, and I worked on a Spider-Man picture! I’m a library tech-guru! Marion Barry’s Summer Youth Employment Program is OVER! I love working at libraries! You get to help out in the library!