Neighborhood Library

Parent and child reading story outside library

Stories in our Windows

Each month the Parklands-Turner Neighborhood Library features an exciting new story displayed in the windows. The story can be read in its entirety from outside the building - so the library does not have to be open for you to enjoy it.  Start with the Windows closes to the Subway store... and follow along to the story's conclusion. Once you are finished, come inside and grab a take-home kit or participate in a scavenger hunt based on the story.

1st Ever Pumpkin Character Contest

Literacy Fun with Pumpkins & Staff!

1st Ever Parklands-Turner Pumpkin Character Contest

The Parklands-Turner's staff got into the fall spirit by having a pumpkin decorating contest with a twist. Staff were instructed to pick a book and decorate a pumpkin to resemble a character or a scene from the book.  Staff worked hard decorating their  pumpkins using lots of paint, hot glue guns, and construction paper. You will find variety of character pumpkins from the famous Dr.

Master Gardener window box program

Fall Gardening and Bugs Galore with a Master Gardener

The Parklands-Turner Neighborhood Library hosted two children's program with the Master Gardener Program of District of Columbia. These two programs focused on fall gardening and bugs. On Saturday, October 9, Master Gardener Ms. Siddle led a lively discussion on the value of vegetable gardening and the best vegetables to grow in our area, how to take care of the garden, what to watch out for, and how you can tell when the vegetables are ready to be picked. She assisted children as they planted their seeds to make a window box to take home. 

Fire snake demonstration

A little magic and science at the library...

We've been holding our programs outdoors this summer and having fun creating things with basic household goods. With a few simple ingredients, our children’s librarian Ms.

We're open sign

Welcome Back!

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for!

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for! We are excited to welcome you back to Parklands-Turner Library! We have some new staff members and expanded some of our service offerings, we offer: 

Congress Heights Library Site Identification Study

Study Proposes Possible Locations for Full-Service Library

In 2019, DC Public Library undertook a study to identify potential locations to build a full-service 20,000 square foot permanent library to replace the temporary leased location for the Parklands-Turner Library. There were two main criteria for site identification:


In their Own Voice

Audiobooks narrated by their authors

When books are recorded as audiobooks, a voice actor is usually hired to bring it to life. Sometimes, though, the best person to narrate an audiobook is the author themselves. Most often this happens with memoirs but it can also happen in other genres as well. Here are some audiobooks across multiple genres narrated with particular skill by their authors.


Many Voices

Audiobooks with a full cast of narrators

When books are recorded as audiobooks they generally only have one narrator, occasionally two if there are two main characters, but some books lend themselves well to having many more narrators giving voice to the book's characters. These full cast productions that often also include music and sound effects can provide a rich immersive listening experience. Here are a few that the library has available.

The Catcher in the Rye

We Didn't Start the Fire

Literature Mentioned in Billy Joel's Song

In 1989, musician Billy Joel released, "We Didn't Start the Fire," a song listing some of the most important headlines from his forty years of life up to that point, creating a snapshot of a large portion of the twentieth century.

Master the Grill

Things to Do When There is Nothing to Do

Looking for ways to keep busy and learn more as we all stay home together? Read on! Mastering the Grill by Andrew Schloss, David, Joachim, & Alison Miksch