Homeless Services: Peer Outreach at DC Public Library

Homeless Services: Peer Outreach at DC Public Library

The Peer Outreach Program at DC Public Library engages with library customers experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. Meet with a DC Public Library Certified Peer Specialist if you need:

  • Help with an ID and other critical documents
  • Assistance with finding medical care
  • Ideas for housing or locating employment
  • Help with returning to the community after time in jail or prison
  • Support while experiencing homelessness

Peers have been where you are and training and certification through the DC Department of Behavioral Health. Peers meet customers at branches throughout the library system. Peers work with customers to find shelter, housing, treatment programs, mental health services, food, clothing and much more.

Peers are role models who demonstrate competency in personal recovery, and by serving as a consumer advocate who provides clients with information and support. Peers build rapport and trust with a customer so that the hard work of moving out of homelessness, and/or into recovery, can begin.

 Peer Outreach Specialist

You can contact a peer specialist to find out where you can meet or to schedule an appointment.

We Care. Are you homeless? Need an ID or healthcare? Need housing or job ideas? Have ou been in jail? Get help from a peer. Contact Renee at 202-486-4160, Ellery at 202-487-990 or Jerome at 202-486-4801.

This sevice is supported in part by the

Institute of Museum and Library Services