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Lizards and Turtles and Snakes, Oh My!

Reptiles Alive! at Petworth Library


Citizenship and Naturalization Information Session

Interested in the U.S. Citizenship Process? Learn More About It!

Saturday, July 191 p.m. - 3 p.m.Petworth Neighborhood LibraryRepresentatives from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will be at Petworth Neighborhood Library to discuss the naturalization process for legal permanent residents and interested naturalization applicants.

June is Adopt a Cat Month

Come check out our purrtastic display!

The Petworth Library Children's Room has a great collection of books about cuddly kittens and not so cuddly lions and tigers that are sure to please. In honor of Adopt a Cat Month, we have created a display for you so you can easily locate some old favorites and find some new ones.Check out some of these titles and more:

Win a Tablet Computer by Learning How Lil Wayne and H.G. Wells Write

Three-Afternoon Workshop Teaches Literary Criticism Through Hip-Hop

Think that Lil Wayne, Iggy Azalea and H.G. Wells don’t have anything in common?  Think again.All three writers use tools called literary devices.  When a reader understands those devices, they can recognize and recreate them. Next week, teens at the Petworth Library will learn them at a three-afternoon workshop called Words Liive.  The teen who does the best over the three-afternoon workshop will win a Samsung tablet computer. 

Who Was? What Was?

Have you read them all?

The Petworth Library Children's Room has recently received a plethorea of titles from Penguin's Who Was? and What Was? historical series. This exciting series features biographies ranging from Johnny Appleseed to Steve Jobs and covers historical events ranging from Pompeii to Pearl Harbor. These detailed accounts include biographical data, timelines, illustrations and photos of archival material. Aside from being fun and easy to read, they contain a wealth of information and would be a great resource for a school project.

Teddy Bear Picnic

Children enjoyed a teddy bear picnic on the front lawn of the Petworth Library. We spread our blankets in the shade of the big magnolia tree, and snuggled in with our teddy bears and other stuffed animal friends.We read some poems about teddy bears and decided that they are good friends that stay with us all night, to protect us if we get scared.

Science Trivia and Movie Night

Show off your scientific knowledge!

Do you have a head for trivia? Do you have a head for science trivia? Our Trivia and Movie Night is the place to show off all your science knowledge. There will be all kinds of questions asked about the scientific world – from animals to planets to the human body. The questions will be of varying difficulty levels but rest assured, the more challenging ones will be multiple choice. You can compete individually or bring a friend (or the kids) to form a team but the one with the most knowledge will win a prize! 

We Mustache You to Read!

Children's Book Week 2014

Children's Book Week, which takes place from May 12-16, has been celebrated every year since 1919.That makes 2014 the 95th year!At the Petworth Library, we asked children to wear a mustache and show us their favorite book.Many children joined in this silly activity and had fun.Even Ms. Bridgid and Ms. Lauren joined in!We mustache you to come to the library and get lots of great books!

An Unforgettable Week in New Orleans

"Come back, and come often."

My husband and I just returned from a wonderful week in New Orleans. We enjoyed walking through the city and admiring the beautiful homes.Curious to see some of NOLA's great buildings for yourself? Try these books about New Orleans architecture: New Orleans Style Past and Present

Tween Origami Club

Tweens, join us for a weekly origami craft on Wednesdays in June where you’ll learn the basics of this Japanese tradition and make your own creations to take home. What is Origami?