Neighborhood Library

Petworth Library will open at 1 p.m. today.

Cine español de Petworth!

Newly Added Spanish Language Movies

DCPL tiene una colección de películas que está llena de una variedad que todo el mundo puede ver, seleccionar, ver y disfrutar. Esta colección pasa a incluir los clásicos del pasado y muchas de las últimas películas españolas que todo el mundo está hablando!DCPL has a movie collection that is full of a variety that everyone can view, select, view and enjoy. This collection happens to include the classics of the past and many of the latest Spanish films that everyone is talking about!

XIX International AIDS Conference Comes to D.C.

This week the Petworth Neighborhood Library welcomes The XIX International AIDS Conference to the city with a display of related materials and a screening of the documentary After Stonewall.

Celebrate Anti-Boredom Month

To celebrate Anti-Boredom Month this July, the Petworth Library created a display featuring all of the “hidden treasures” in our collection. These are the items that most people don't even know we have!

Books that Shaped America

The Most Influential American Books

What books have influenced your life and why?  The Library of Congress currently has an exhibit of the American books they think have been most influential in our lives.  The exhibit, Books that Shaped America, is intended to get viewers thinking and talking about books, and offers an opportunity to suggest additional influential books. Petworth Library has a display of some of these books, including:

Welcome to the Petworth Library Summer Kids' Cafe!

(Daily activities with a free, light lunch for ages 18 and under)

Mondays“Music and Murals”Let kid-friendly pop and world tunes inspire you as you make mural art and munch your lunch. Tuesdays“Wii Love Summer”Get active with Wii Sports (you can also bring your own Wii games to play with others) and recharge with lunch.  Wednesdays“Crafty Kids Corner”

Pajama Story time Presents…The Stuffed Animal Slumber Party

Have you ever imagined what fun can be had at the library after lights are out and the doors are locked? Well, expert photo documentarians Stokely the Black Bear, Kermit the Frog and friends (pictured left) are eager to share the joy of the library “afterhours” with your stuffed animal companions!

Having a Blast With Science in the Summer

We had so much fun at Science in the Summer's first session!

Broaching Tough Topics with Children

Use Books to Initiate, Illustrate and Inform your Discussions

All children deserve to be happy, healthy, secure and care-free as they live and learn.However, as life would have it, issues and challenges inevitably come our way and despite our best protective efforts, children are not immune to experiencing them as well. Sometimes it may seem difficult to broach these subjects with young children and inform them in positive, honest and realistic manner. But good fiction and non-fiction books, when read with your children, can help you and your child grapple with tough topics such as adoption, autism, bullying, death and divorce.Rest assured that the Petworth Children’s library staff is ready to assist you in choosing appropriate titles for the situation at hand. Below are some works that tackle some of life’s tough topics, listed with their authors and suggested grade reading levels.You are welcome to select the title links of your choice in order to place the books on hold at your neighborhood library branch.

Charles Chesnutt: An African American First

Born in June, 1858, Charles Chesnutt was the first African-American to publish a novel.  In addition to his writing, Chesnutt owned a successful court stenography business and passed the Ohio bar exam.  He was awarded the Spingarn Medal by the NAACP in 1928 "for distinguished literary service to African-Americans."  In addition to his literary career, Chesnutt served on the founding General Committee of the NAACP.  Petworth Library has a display of books by and about Charles Chesnutt, including:

Parachute Party

We had so much fun at our parachute party Summer Reading Kick-off! People walking by saw us having fun, and came to join in.All the children signed up for summer reading, we played parachute games and enjoyed snacks.