Program Proposals

Program Proposals

DCPL Programming Guidelines

Programming at the DC Public Library is designed to engage the community in informational, cultural, and educational forums and opportunities that transform perspectives and empower life-long learning.

The library is particularly interested in programming that aligns with its four strategic priority areas:

  1. Reading: Support new readers and cultivate a love of reading.
  2. Digital Citizenship: Prepare residents for life online.
  3. Strong Communities: Ensure neighborhood libraries are vital centers of community learning and civic engagement.
  4. Local History & Culture: Foster understanding and appreciation of what makes DC unique.

You can learn more about the Library's strategic plan at

Scheduling Timeline

Planning and publicity for library programs is done 2-4 months prior to each program cycle. Program proposals must be received by the deadlines below to be considered for a specific programming window.
Proposal Deadline Program Implementation
September 1 January-February
November 1 March-April
January 1 May-August
May 1 September-October
July 1 November-December

Proposal Submission

Please complete the program proposal submission form; a library representative will contact you if the program meets our guidelines and fits into our schedule and budget.