Rachel W.


"When I'm not at the library I read, write, walk, make crafts, and learn new skills."

What I do when I'm not at the library:
I read, write, walk, make crafts and learn new skills.
Last book I've read:

Synesthesia by Richard E. Cytowic

Five favorite books I've recently read: Favorite genres and subgenres:

  • Psychology: Learning, Play, Imagination, Child Development, Mental Health
  • Anthropology/Sociology: Myth & Folklore, Language, Technology & Culture, Energy & Society 
  • History: Rise and Decline of Civilizations, Industrial Age, People's History, Library & Book History  
  • Science Writing: Human Ecology, Energy Issues, Natural History, Neuroscience
  • Economics: Biophysical, Limits to Growth, Fairness
  • Skills: Food, Crafting, Outdoor, Sustainable Living
  • Humor: Wordplay, Absurdity
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