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Your Friday Five

Adventure in a foreign land

The summer is almost officially upon us and there is traveling to be done! Being a stranger in a foreign land is always exciting, but needless to say, it does come with its challenges. If you don't have travel plans anytime soon, let one of these books whisk you away. And if you are taking off soon, these books will keep you entertained on the journey. Bon voyage!

Rainbow History Project logo

Rainbow History Project

Collecting and preserving D.C.'s LGBT history

The Rainbow History Project is the archive for preserving the city’s LGBT history and memory. Join member and advocate Vincent Slatt as he presents on the Rainbow History Project’s digital and physical collections, including its oral history project, recent acquisitions and collecting efforts.   We'll meet in the Southeast Library's meeting room.


Your Friday Five

Contains graphic content

We have been getting a slew of new graphic novels in our collection, and it has been thrilling to see some of the most interesting art and writing on our shelves.

Cry Wolf book cover

A Date with the Supernatural

Paranormal Romance Recommendations from Melissa N.

I’m often asked what I read and the answer is: almost everything. However, if you look at my list of books for any given year, paranormal romance would almost certainly outnumber other genres.  Something about the idea of supernatural creatures having the same relationship issues as regular humans appeals to me. And when you add in the additional problems of a supernatural community, I’m drawn back to this genre over and over.  If you’re looking to dip your toes into the paranormal romance world, here are a few that I’ve read and enjoyed.

Brown Girl Dreaming book cover

Your Friday Five

Stories in verse for fourth- to eighth-graders

We're wrapping up National Poetry Month, and while I've personally spent the month reveling in re-reading all of my favorite poems, I realize that not everyone loves poetry as much as I do. For some people, this disinterest -- or even distaste -- has to do with the fact that there isn't enough plot in a poem; people like a good narrative.

Your Friday Five: Poetry Month

Celebrate Poetry Month with Books About Poets and Their Worlds

Poetry Month can be celebrated in a variety of ways. Yes, you can and should take the time to read and write poetry at any of the numerous events happening around the city. But what if you do that year round? Perhaps you would enjoy reading more about some of the famous poets of the past. Below are five books that showcase the men and women behind the poems and illustrate how the people, events, and world around these artists shaped them and their work.

What Angels Fear by C.S. Harris

A Trip Through English History

Historical mysteries

Take a trip through England and history by reading historical mysteries set in various eras of Britain’s past. Explore the dawn of British common law in the Plantagenet era, religious upheaval in the Tudor era, the beginnings of formal police services and investigation in the Victorian era, and social change in the Edwardian era, all while trying to figure out 'whodunnit' with citizens turned sleuths.

Family Fang cover

Your Friday Five

Dark Comedies

My two favorite kinds of books are those that make me laugh and those that make me supremely uncomfortable. If a book can do both, it has my heart forever.  If you find dark comedies as satisfying as I do, you might want to try one or more of the following titles: The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson

History of the World

Your Friday Five

Brain Food

My goal everyday is to try and learn something new. Often the Internet will teach me a thing or two, but I also have found a few books that help with these daily lessons. The books listed below are great pick-me-ups, and I mean this in the literal sense. Pick them up and get your daily dose of knowledge in just a few minutes. It could be right before bed, waiting for a doctor's appointment, or out at lunch. Sometimes it might just be a refresher on that subject you forgot about, and sometimes it offers that great tidbit to bust out at the next cocktail party.

Yoga at Lincoln Memorial

Free Yoga!

Fitness fun inside and outside the library

Our recent series of classes on downloadable content from the library website have been a great success. Every class, we hear someone say some version of "I didn't know the library had this!" The classes have also highlighted some of the fabulous fitness videos available with your library card -- the perfect complement to our in-library programs.