Reading - Strategic Plan 2017-2021 Priority Area

Reading - Strategic Plan 2017-2021 Priority Area

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Support new readers and cultivate a love of reading. The Library will provide services and programs that build and cultivate literacy and a love of reading.

The District is widely considered one of the most literate cities in the country, and this passion for reading is reflected in users’ active use of library resources, from traditional books and magazines to e-books and audiobooks.
Graphic: More than half of users name the book collection as the main library service they use.
Yet for all its passionate readers, the District is not unlike other cities across the country that are confronting distressing literacy and achievement gaps among adults and children alike. For this reason, a major focus of this priority area will be to connect the residents who can most benefit from literacy assistance with new and expanded library programs and services to help them succeed. The entire city prospers when more residents are literate and reading. 

To support new readers and cultivate a love of reading, the Library will:
  • Promote a culture of literacy and the great benefits of reading.
  • Connect public library services to students and educators.
  • Expand services for adults who are developing readers.
  • Ensure reliable and convenient access to a responsive library collection of books and other materials.
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