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Neighborhood Library

How to Graft Plant Material

Thursday, June 267 p.m.Grafting is the practice of transplanting plant tissues from one plant into another so that they can fuse together.

Splash Sidewalk Chalk!

Family Craft-ernoon!

I am super excited to announce our next craft-ernoon Saturday, June 14 at 2 p.m. We will be making sidewalk SPLASH paintings!Using a not-so-secret recipe from Growing A Jeweled Rose, we will fill sandwich bags with a colorful sidewalk chalk mixture to create abstract, explosive paintings!

So You Want to be a Romance Writer

Saturday, June 14 2 to 4 p.m.

Selling Takoma Park

From the Takoma History File

(Image courtesy of the Historic Takoma, Inc. Archives.)

Kick-off Summer Reading with Amelia Bedelia

Takoma Park Neighborhood Library will have a special guest to help our young library users get excited about Summer Reading! 


Drop-in Clinic

Do you want to make your cover letter sound persuasive?  Do you think there may be jobs for you out there that you aren’t finding?  Does your resume leap off the page and shout “Hire me!”

The King Of Pop " Xscape"

The Best of Freegal Music

   Have you ever heard of Michael Jackson? He was only the biggest pop star known to man! "The King of Pop" to be exact. His soulful, humanitarian, vibrant albums spanned from the 1960s all the way into the new millennium.

Takoma Park Comic Swap

What question would you ask a comic book creator if you had the chance?

I'm still smiling after our First Ever Comic Swap last Saturday. We had a great time here at Takoma Park talking with you all about your favorite titles, giving away free comics, zines, trades, and graphic novels, and checking out books for you from our amazing collection. 

Takoma Park Cyclists

Happy Bike Month! Some Takoma Park Library staff commute to work by bike. Enjoy a fun Q&A with some of the staff who pedal!Janelle Ortiz, Library Associate

Maintain Your Bike!

Bike Maintenance Clinic