Br'erFoul Swoops

DC Punk Archive Presents at The Goethe Institut's Sommerfest :: Foul Swoops + Br'er

The DC Public Library's Punk Archive presents at Goethe Institut-Washington's two-month long exhibit on German sub-culture of the '80's: Konzept Geniale Dilletantes.
Park SnakesFringe Music in the Library

Fringe Music in the Library :: Park Snakes

Fronted by Argentinian writer, Nenet Nenet, DC’s trio Park Snakes (formed by Nenet, Jason Coile and Van Hillard) finds their true motivation opening a provocative, yet productive, dialogue with audiences of all ages. Lyrics tackling alienation, ambiguity, desire and the possibilities of love float on top of spiky riffs and propulsive drums, bringing together the swamp and the city untold: a tale of rock noir.

The World of Salt : An Introduction

From coarse Himalayan Pink to smoky Danish Viking, there are a plethora of sea salts from which to choose. Learn about the various types of salts from sea harvested to mined. From Smoked to Infused, try a variety of different sea salts and learn what the fuss is all about! Venture on a journey with experts from Bazaar Spices through the world of salt and hear about different techniques to enhance the flavor of your meals.
Live at the Safari

Live at the Safari Club : Discussion and Book Signing

Please join us for a slideshow and book signing with authors Shawna Kenney & Rich Dolinger The authors will be discussing their recent book, Live at the Safari Club. The book is a compilation of interviews, photos and flyers telling the story of a quirky underground club that lasted a decade until it burned down under mysterious circumstances.  
Image of Solar Eclipse Phases

Solar Eclipse Viewing - LIVE!

NO SPECIAL GLASSES REQUIRED! Visit the Parklands-Turner Library at 1 p.m. on Monday, August 21 to enjoy NASA's live-stream broadcast of the 2017 American Solar Eclipse. This event will be shown on the big screen in a main area of the library branch. The DC area will only enjoy approximately 85% coverage of the sun by the moon, and it will be dangerous to view the eclipse directly without special equipment. Patrons at this event will enjoy a safe view of eclipse coverage from within the 100% zone, while seated in the air-conditioned comfort indoors at the library.
solar eclipse

Eclipse Watch Party

Can't find solar eclipse glasses? Want to see the full solar eclipse instead of the partial one visible in DC? Are you wondering what all the hubbub is about and want to hear from the experts? Join us as we live stream NASA TV on our large projection screen from 1 - 4 p.m. They will be showing the eclipse as it happens across the country, share scientific information about what is happening and connect you with others watching across the nation. All ages welcome.
Word cloud with video game related words

Idea to Reality: How to Make Your First Video Game

Dorothy Phoenix, local game developer, software engineer, and owner of Cloudy Heaven Games, will present this hour-long talk on how anyone can make a video game with no prior programming experience. She will cover the following topics:    What skills are required to make a game Tips for writing out your game idea Choosing a realistic scope for your idea Suggestions for beginner-friendly game development software and tools  Ideas for monetizing games And more.

Teen Open Mic

Come share your song, poem, rhyme, rap, dance, or performance. Sign up for a three minute time slot between 3:30 and 5:30 p.m., first-come, first-served. Not performing? Come watch and enjoy the FREE SNACKS! All performances should be PG-13. For ages 13-19.  
You are invited to learn about the D.C. Public Library’s online services. We have research tools you can use at home, at school or on the go. Learn how our online  services can save you from a trip to the library.  This program is for students of all ages

dclibrary.org: Online Homework Help

You are invited to learn about the D.C. Public Library’s online services. We have research tools you can use at home, at school or on the go. Learn how our online services can save you from a trip to the library.This program is for students of all ages, but free to all who attend.