dumpster overflowing with discarded bagels

Waste Not: Food Waste, Resource Conservation, and You

Tuesday, October 24, 2017, 7:00 pm

The American food industry discards 150 million pounds of food every day - the equivalent of 523 Titanics per year. This class will review the causes of food waste and ways to reduce it, debunking myths along the way. For example, is the food you are throwing out actually bad? In addition, you’ll learn about the environmental damage caused by food waste, and various efforts to co-opt the current agricultural system to help feed local communities. This class will be led by William Reid who, in an effort to prove a point, survived off of food waste for over two years.
(L-R) Edward Coles, Elijah Lovejoy and Owen Lovejoy

"Illinois Abolitionists: Edward Coles, Elijah Lovejoy and Owen Lovejoy"

Jamie Stiehm, a Creators Syndicate columnist and contributor to USNEWS.com, discusses these Illinois abolitionists.  One was secretary to a Southern president. One went to Congress.  And one was murdered by a mob.   
Hurston Wright Foundation

White Man, Listen! A Richard Wright Birthday Celebration

Come help the Zora Neale Hurston/Richard Wright Foundation commemorate the birthday of Richard Wright with a celebration and discussion of one of his final published works, White Man, Listen! The Hurston/Wright Foundation invites the public to participate in a live recording of a podcast in which scholars Jovonne Bickerstaff, Ph.D. (Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities) and Natalie Hopkinson, Ph.D. (Howard University Department of Communication, Culture and Media Studies) discuss the 1957 book comprised of his lectures in Europe.
Silhouette of children having fun

After School Hangout: Table Talk

Tuesday, November 7, 2017, 4:00 pm

Hang out in the library every Tuesday.  On the first Tuesday, we will hold a Table Talk.  Bring YOUR topic of interest and let's get together and talk about it. For ages 6 - 13

The World of Salt : An Introduction

From coarse Himalayan Pink to smoky Danish Viking, there are a plethora of sea salts from which to choose. Learn about the various types of salts from sea harvested to mined. From Smoked to Infused, try a variety of different sea salts and learn what the fuss is all about! Venture on a journey with experts from Bazaar Spices through the world of salt and hear about different techniques to enhance the flavor of your meals.
Live at the Safari

Live at the Safari Club : Discussion and Book Signing

Please join us for a slideshow and book signing with authors Shawna Kenney & Rich Dolinger The authors will be discussing their recent book, Live at the Safari Club. The book is a compilation of interviews, photos and flyers telling the story of a quirky underground club that lasted a decade until it burned down under mysterious circumstances.  
 Flames and smoke; Pentagon, September 11, 2001, the White House, August, 24, 1814.

Burning Sky Over Washington: September 11, 2001 & August 24, 1814

Jamie Stiehm, a Creators Syndicate columnist and contributor to USNEWS.com, discusses how on a late summer day, Washington burned.  The president fled - Madison in 1814, Bush in 2001.  How the September 11th attacks eerily echoed the past and darkened the future.   
Picture of Chuck Brown

“Wind Me Up Chuck:” The Influence of Chuck Brown and Go-Go as D.C. History

In partnership with the Smithsonian Institution’s Natural Museum of American History, please join us for this panel discussion, moderated by William Reynolds of the Museum’s Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation, which will feature three speakers with a wealth of knowledge about Chuck Brown, go-go music and its narrative in the political and social history of D.C.
Photo of messy area

Get Organized with Michelle

Are you tired of all the clutter in your home or office taking over your life?  Is the clutter so overwhelming that it's affecting your mood and health, and hindering your productivity and efficiency?  Don't worry!  This workshop with Professional Organizer & Renewed Lifestyle Coach Michelle Mirpour is here to help!  This class will offer tips, tricks and advice about how to get (and stay) organized.    

Book Hill Talks - "On the home front: Tudor Place and the Peter Family during World War I"

Tudor Place was the Georgetown home of the Peter family from 1805 until 1983. This lecture will look at how the house, the family, and their servants were impacted by U.S. entry into World War I.