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Listen Together with Your Middle Grader – Magic and Mystery

Do you miss reading together now that your child is on to full-length, middle-grade novels? Audiobooks to the rescue! Download the Overdrive app on your favorite device or fire up the old CD player. Get out the coloring books, modeling clay, or Legos or get the sound system set up to play MP3s or CDs in the car. Audiobooks are a hands-free, voice-saving way to continue enjoying books together with your 5th - 8th grader. This list is for readers who love magic and mystery.  

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Oldies and Goodies

Short Story Collections by Men Writers

Get ready for some time travel and teleportation. As a follow-up to “Short and Spicy: Short Story Collections by Women Writers,” this list features short story collections by men. The first books in this list bring us back to early twentieth century America while the later suggestions immerse us in more modern times and international perspectives.  

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Short and Spicy

Short Story Collections by Women Writers

These short story collections by women writers, presented in order of publication date, bring us sharp and refreshing perspectives from around the world.   The Lottery and Other Stories by Shirley Jackson

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Life and Death in the Wild

Solo Wilderness Adventures (That End Well and Not)

When you want to get away from it all, but you just don’t have the leave; when you want to be your own and only boss, but your boss does not agree; when you want to have a heart-stopping adventure, but not the lifelong injuries, do so vicariously with these books about solo wilderness adventure. Some, but not all, of these protagonists survive. Some, but not all, of them learn important life lessons. But all of them step out of the everyday and fling themselves into the extraordinary.