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Ancient Technology

High Tech from the Ancient Past to the Present

We live in a time of what seems like endless technological innovation that many look back at past eras as technologically sluggish and unimaginative. However, just like now, peoples at all times have been innovating and creative, sometimes in ways contemporary people have trouble imagining themselves, and we can thank ancient peoples for many of the technological advancements we appreciate today. The technologies of today didn’t emerge from nothing. They have histories that shaped their development.

Blood Sweat and Pixels

Videogames and Society

Videogames have become giant players in the entertainment industry. Video game revenue exceeds that of streaming video services and of global film box office revenue. Like television and film, games have become important part of cultural life as entertainment, business, community and art. The books below all touch on pieces of how digital games intersect with our everyday lives and how they came to do so.  


Solarpunk Fiction

Maintaining justified optimism for the future

Solarpunk is a new literary and aesthetic movement that encourages its proponents to face increasingly dire forecasts of environmental degradation and its political ramifications with optimism, envisioning futures that use emerging knowledge and technologies of today in ways to build a more sustainable and equitable world.

Bad-Ass Librarians Timbuktu

Books About Books in Troubled Times

While finding time to read can feel like a luxury, books have often been vital and necessary for surviving and sustaining through difficult times. Many people have also found many books and collections important enough to risk their own lives in order to protect them. The following books dive into the role books, manuscripts and libraries have played in times of war, crisis and change.  

The Golem and the Jinni

Jewish Speculative Fiction

There have been some high profile hot takes and rebuttals about whether Jewish themes in speculative fiction lend themselves to the Fantasy or Sci-fi genre.