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Beach Read

Hot sizzling beach reads

Let’s look at some hot sizzling beachy romances for summer. All of these books take place on a vacation. They also have some great romance and lovable characters. Let the shenanigans begin.  Beach Read by Emily Henry 

The Giver of Stars

Historical Fiction based on Little Known Events 

This is a list of historical fiction that is based on interesting events and people that should be talked about more. These books have both great stories and have a fascinating history in them.  The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes

The Bear and the Nightngale.

Fantasy with Great Female Protagonists

One thing that you do not always see in a fantasy is a book with good interesting female characters. The following books are books that have interesting female characters that are strong and heroic in their way. The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden 

This Month in History Lunch Counter Sit ins

This month in history, the Greensboro Lunch counter sit-ins began. The first sit-in was done in Baltimore, Maryland in 1955 but the one that got a lot of attention and really started the movement was done in Greensboro, North Carolina on Feb. 1, 1960.

Ao Haru Ride Manga Cover

Romance Manga

Romantic Manga Romance manga can be funny, dramatic and bittersweet and evoke a lot of different emotions in readers. Some of these stories can be more romantic comedies and some are more romantic drama. These stories also can be enjoyed by both teens and adults.