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ghost forest

Interesting Stories Involving Canada

As a fan of music duo, Tegan and Sara, I was eager to read their book titled High School. Hearing their story inspired me to read other stories about Canada and some of its citizens.  These books are available on the DC Public Library website, and Ghost Forest and Membering are also available on eBook via OverDrive and its app Libby. Also, High School/Tegan and Sara is available as an eBook and eAudiobook.

creepy carrots

Creepy Fun Reads

Books with "Creepy" in the Title

As a massive fan of Halloween, I had often heard the term “creepy” when people described movies, activities, and products associated with the holiday. Out of curiosity, I wondered if any books were available for kids with the word “creepy” in the title. It turns out there are many. Below are a few that I recommend. These books are available on the DC Public Library website, and Creepy Carrots is also available on eBook and eAudiobook via OverDrive and its app Libby.

Take It Off

The Hauntings and Fast Times of Rockers

I grew up listening to rock music, and the books below address the lives of some of my favorite musicians. Although I know basic information surrounding these artists, there are a lot of new details presented by the authors. I enjoyed learning more about these artists and the strength they possess to overcome many hardships to achieve their dreams.

Dragon is Terrible

Everybody Knows that Dragons are the Coolest

Dragon stories for young readers

I've always been fascinated by dragons. Depending on the story, they can be colorful, smart, and funny. As a brief return to childhood memories, I wanted to see what books are available about dragons now. Below are some picture books and easy readers I have found on the topic.  


The Comedic Essence of Everyday Encounters

I came across the list created by Lauren W. (Nerd Out, Comedy Nerds) regarding books by comedians and decided to add some that I found interesting. I think this listing is great for anyone that wants to visit stories that present funny and creative imagery. The discussions derived from reading these books have offered me the opportunity to reevaluate my perspective and loosen up a bit.