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Photo of Lamond-Riggs Library Exterior

New Lamond-Riggs Library to be Built

The design process for the new Lamond-Riggs Library is underway. Click here to learn more about this exciting project.

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Bored with your reading options? Feel like you've read all there is to read of a particular subject? DC Public Library is here to help. Click here to find personalized recommendations and online book clubs, or scroll down for staff-curated readings lists.

New Cleveland Park Library

Library Opens June 16, 10:30 a.m.

The new Cleveland Park Library, 3310 Connecticut Ave. NW, opens June 16. Join Mayor Bowser, Councilmember Cheh, Councilmember Grosso, DC Public Library Executive Director Richard Reyes-Gavilan and members of the Library Board of Trustees for a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10:30 a.m. followed by a day of family friendly festivities to celebrate the new Cleveland Park Library. Learn more about the project at

Broken Faith

Cult-ure Shock

Nonfiction books about cults

We may not wish to be caught up in one ourselves, but cults can be endlessly compelling when it comes to reading material. From unbelievable journalistic endeavors to more personal memoirs offering narratives from behind the literal and figurative iron gates of these communities, a number of these stories have revealed the worst of our imaginations and beyond. Check out these titles for terror and hope in some of the most secretive groups history has seen.

Lost Children Archive cover

Andrew Carnegie Medals 2020

During the American Library Association Mid-Winter Conference, the winners of the 2020 Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction and Non-Fiction were announced. The winners will received their prizes in June.  Below are the winning titles.  Copies are available to check out and download from the library. Fiction

Cover for A Long Fatal Love Chase

Voices From the Dead!

Novels Published Posthumously

The first four of the five novels listed, were not published in the well-known author’s lifetimes. The exception is the fifth book because it was first published as a magazine serial by an anonymous author and would have languished in obscurity, save for an accidental discovery. Many readers will recognize the names of the other authors: Louisa May Alcott, James M. Caine, Claude McKay and Irene Némirovsky.  

resume, job-hunting

Job-hunting at Your Library!

How Your Library Can Help You Score Your Next Job

“I have never had to write a resume, why should I write one?” “What’s a cover letter and do I need to submit one?” “I’m newly out of retirement, how do I start my job search?”

Diamond Newman ReadFeed What Editors Do edited by Peter Ginna

Reading About Writing

Elevating your writing skills while appreciating the craft

Everyone’s a writer. Whether you write novels for a living or grocery lists at home, if you communicate through the written are, indeed, a writer.  But do you need a little help?  Are you interested in exploring the craft? Guess what? We have books for that! Let's read about writing. 

Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair

Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?

Forget the Hallmark Card! Send some of these sweet words to your loved one instead this Valentine’s Day.

Ah, Valentine's Day. Love it or hate it, soon every store on your block is going to be covered in a regurgitation of red hearts, lace and little cupids. But if you really want to impress your lover or your crush this Valentine's Day, memorize one of these bad boys and find a balcony somewhere. It seemed to work for these prolific love poets (some of whom had lovers on every continent).