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Dragon is Terrible

Everybody Knows that Dragons are the Coolest

Dragon stories for young readers

I've always been fascinated by dragons. Depending on the story, they can be colorful, smart, and funny. As a brief return to childhood memories, I wanted to see what books are available about dragons now. Below are some picture books and easy readers I have found on the topic.  


Booktalking "Efren Divided" by Ernesto Cisneros

Efren wants to be a typical boy who has his family life who has his family life at home and his friends at school. This sense of normality and well-being shatters when his Ama is deported to Mexico. The teen and Apa attempt to keep this knowledge from the twins, Max and Mia, for as long as possible, but they soon catch on to the stark reality of the horrific situation. Efren's friend, David, is campaigning to become class president. Efren, meanwhile, can barely manage to help take care of the twins and do his schoolwork in the midst of his inner turmoil. 

Deanwood Game Nights

Join us in the Deanwood Recreation Center Courtyard for giant chess, giant connect 4 and more! from 5-6pm. 


The Great Outdoors

Camping and hiking books for kids

The summer doesn’t have to be a drag because of the pandemic. How about hiking and camping? The whole family can move and have fun while observing social distancing guidelines! The books on this list tell inspiring stories and offer practical advice for enjoying the great outdoors.

Trolls World Tour cover

Staff Pick: Trolls World Tour

Join Poppy and her friends on the Trolls World Tour! When Queen Barb of Rock steals music from the other Troll music lands, Poppy sets out on an adventure to save the music. You can watch the movie in theatrical release or in dance party. The fun continues on the bonus features!

Mysterious Affair at Styles cover

Agatha and Clive

Classic Literary Anniversaries

This month, Agatha Christie and Clive S. (C.S.) Lewis published two of their best known novels. Both of their respective novels introduced classic characters and their later novels were adapted as movies or a television series. You can check out and download these two titles from the library system.

The Storm Runner cover

Riordan Readalikes

What to Read After Percy Jackson, Magnus Chase, and Everything Else Rick Riordan Has Written

There’s no denying that Rick Riordan’s books are popular. But the man can only write so fast, so sooner or later you’re going to have to look somewhere else to get your fill of kids interacting with ancient gods and saving the world from destruction. Luckily, the library’s shelves are full of entertaining and action-packed stories that will absolutely meet your needs.

Real Things

The Lives of Inanimate Objects

Giving objects a personality and an imagined life has long been a part of play and great storytelling. Whether you have been reluctant to delve into an alternate perspective or you are circling back to a much loved style and subject, these much read classics make for thrilling reading.