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Words, Beats & Life

Art & Music Workshops

Learn to channel your thoughts & Feelings using music, art & self-expression! Teaching artists from Words, Beats, and Life will help you find and harness your voice. This art workshop program will happen during month of March on March 2nd at 4pm March 9th at 4pm March 16th at 4pm See you there!

hand holding a Valentine Card

Cupid Kids

Community Edition

DC Department of Aging and Community Living Cupid's Kids – Community Edition Create by Feb. 1, 2023 Make Valentine's Day Cards for Seniors   This year, you’re invited to help us spread some love and cheer by creating handmade Valentine’s Day cards. Help us make this year's Valentine’s Day extra special for our seniors. HOW DO I MAKE A CARD? 1. Create a card with construction paper or card stock. 2. Decorate with Valentine’s Day theme in mind.

Reader's Theatre Marquis Graphic

Reader's Theatre

A Year of Stories

Reader’s Theatre shared a dozen diverse seasonal stories in 2022. The monthly live events showcased books, crafts, and talent near and far.

WEE birthday flyer

You're Invited! -- West End Neighborhood Library's Birthday Party

Please join the West End Library and The West End Library Friends as we celebrate 5 years in our new facility and 55 years of serving the West End and Foggy Bottom communities. Our birthday gift to you - cake, coffee and tea, and a book giveaway of gently used books! Plus, day-long children and adult programming! This event will take place at the West End Neighborhood Library on Friday, December 9th from 3:00 to 5:00 pm.

key characters from the series, Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio

Animania at Parklands-Turner!

April ushered in the first gathering of the Parklands-Turner anime club, the Animaniacs! To celebrate, we have compiled three popular anime titles, that also have their own manga series as well. If you're new to the world of Japanese animation, have no fear! Anime is simply hand-written or computer-drawn animation that originates from Japan, and manga is the print, comic book style version of those stories. Read about these titles, and who knows, maybe you'll find a favorite of your own! 

black and white book cover with the word "WALK" on lefthand side and white stitching on right

Learn How to Quilt

Quilting is a form of sewing that involves joining three layers of fabric together to make a three-dimensional padded surface. This form of fiber art is used in a variety of ways, ranging from carefully pieced bedspreads to humble pot holders. If you’ve never quilted before, DC Public Library has a wide collection of informational books on quilting to help novices get started on their very first quilt.  

Panda Photo

Celebrating Pandas!

National Panda Day is March 16 and the West End Library will celebrate! Have some fun reading stories and doing activities to celebrate pandas with your children.  

Multiple people sitting in a round table are painting wooden Christmas ornaments

It's a Golden Rule Christmas

Sending holiday cheer to Golden Rule Apartments

One of the ways Northwest One Library has spread the holiday cheer is by going to local affordable senior housing and doing some arts and crafts. Recently Lucy and Becky went to Golden Rule Plaza and had a wooden ornament decorating class. affordable senior housing. 

Reader's Theatre Marquis Graphic

Reader's Theatre

A Year of Stories

Reader’s Theatre shared a dozen diverse seasonal stories in 2021. The monthly live events showcased books, crafts, and local talent.  Enjoy a look back at the year past and join us for more events in 2022.