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'Go Set a Watchman'- Opposing Viewpoints

Go Set a Watchman, Harper Lee’s long-awaited second (but technically first) novel is one of the most talked-about books of the summer. It’s also one of the most controversial. For some reason, if you are a reader, you are required to have an opinion on it (even if you haven’t read it.) Don’t worry. DC Public Library can help.

Anne of Green Gbles

Children's Books You Should Re-read As an Adult

What will you find the second time around?

I have been re-reading some of my favorite books from my childhood recently, and I am amazed to find that I still relate to a lot of the books I read as a child.  Reading a book I originally read in elementary or middle school is a unique experience—I notice different things than I did  as a child and sometimes, when I come across a particularly memorable passage, I get a wave of nostalgia. Here is a list of classic children’s books to get you started; hopefully this list will remind you of an old favorite and spark some memories of your own!

Marquis-style text for "The Greatest Man in the World"

Film Screening and Discussion

"The Greatest Man in the World"

The library will sponsor a screening and discussion of "The Greatest Man in the World," from the American Short Story Collection as seen on PBS and adapted from the classic short story by James Thurber (1894-1961) in celebration of the DC Public Library's summer reading program.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sherlock Holmes

The enduring legacy of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle died on July 7, 1930[i] but he left the world a lasting legacy with one of the most well-known literary characters of all time, Sherlock Holmes. It is hard to believe that Doyle wrote only four novels and 56 short stories featuring Holmes. The Holmes stories have had a lasting influence on mystery writing, inspiring many of the most famous mystery writers such as Agatha Christie, P.D. James, and Raymond Chandler.[ii]

400 Photographs - Ansel Adams

Camera Americana

Classic Photography

Good photographers document the people and events, both large and small, that encompass our shared history. Here are collections by just a few photographers who captured twentieth-century America, in that long-ago time of yore before Instagram and selfies. To discover more, come into the library and browse the books with the call number 779.

Illustrated multicolored turtles in neat lines and rows

I Spy Read-Alikes

Riddles, rhymes, and puzzles, oh my!

I spy with my little eye… an awesome group of books! The I Spy series is the much-loved classic by Jean Marzollo that compels younger readers to pour over detailed photographs to find objects in riddles and rhymes. And while the library has many I Spy books to fit your fancy, if you want to challenge your scavenger skills try these read-alikes.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson


Winter-Spring-Summer Discussion Series

The theme for our upcoming book discussion series will be “Metamorphosis.” The theme of bodily transformation is persistent throughout the history of literature, from the earliest myths to present day comic books. We explore this theme through different genres and eras and discuss why the idea of metamorphosis holds such power over the human imagination. Every meeting will feature a lecture from a guest professor from a local college, followed by a discussion of the work. The guest lecturers appear courtesy of the Friends of the Chevy Chase Library.