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Book Cover of Korean American

Cookbooks Around The World

A few decades ago, the cookbook world was much more limited than it is now. Most cookbooks you could find came from European food culture, and if you were able to find something from a different culinary tradition, chances were that it was a watered-down, somewhat inauthentic version of that tradition.

Save Me The Plums

Food Memoirs Written by Women

Food is about so much more than sustenance; It's about community and healing. It's love, exploration, and comfort and these memoirs prove just that.

Asian Noodles cover

Noodles Anytime

March is National Noodle Month. Here are a few titles for delicious noodle dishes at home whatever your cooking skill level! Asian Noodles by Maki Watanabe

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Celebrating Black Chefs

A Collection of Cookbooks

It's a shame that many Black chefs have not received the recognition they deserve. Try changing that with the help of these amazing cookbooks. Whether you crave Southern fare or vegan dishes, these cookbooks have you covered. Many of the authors on this list have written more than one cookbook. Please visit our catalog for more ideas.

Sunny-Side Up by Waylynn Lucas

Cookbooks: It's What's For Breakfast!

Recipe collections for the most important meal of the day

February is National Hot Breakfast month! And while I’m guilty of a just-coffee-for-breakfast most mornings, I am a huge fan of breakfast food -- in fact, rather than cake, we opted to do a waffle bar to celebrate our love of breakfast at my and my husband’s wedding. Delicious!

Coffee Story: Ethiopia


The Mysterious Land on the Horn of Africa

Washington, DC is home to the largest Ethiopian community outside of Ethiopia.

Cook with Amber Fun Fresh Recipes to Get You in the Kitchen by Amber Kelley

Delicious and Nutritious

Teen cookbooks for all skill levels

For teens considering picking up a new hobby, look no further. This list of cookbooks written with teens in mind (and, in many cases, by teens) provides the framework and challenges aspiring chefs of all skill levels can enjoy. From comfort basics to more complex recipes featuring unusual ingredients, these recipes cover it all. Get hooked on cooking while developing problem solving skills, independence, and confidence (no matter your age)!

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Salad Days

A Collection of Cookbooks

Nothing says "summer meal" quite like a big salad. But don't you get bored of the same salad every time? This collection of cookbooks offers a picnic basket full of salad recipes for a range of palettes. Vegans, vegetarians and omnivores alike can find a new favorite meal in these pages.

Kale to the Queen cover

Murder with Your Cuppa

Food and Drink Themed Cozy Mysteries

Has the pandemic made you obsessed with the perfect cup of tea? Think baking is the perfect hobby? Love to throw outdoor dinner parties for your friends to show off your latest recipe? These food and drink themed mysteries might be the perfect accompaniment to your cuppa, slice of cake, or hottest appetizer!

Niishin Miijim/Good Food

A Celebration of Food and Native American Heritage Month

Aanii boozhoo, gakina awiya! Hello, everyone! I hope you’re having a happy Native American Heritage Month so far. Some of you who’ve read my previous Read Feed posts know that I have a major love affair with food.