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Beatles in Comics cover

Meet (Drawings of) The Beatles

The Beatles in graphic novels

Were you inspired by the movie Yesterday and you want to learn more about the Fab Four? Check out some of these fantastic Beatles themed graphic novels.  The Beatles: All our Yesterdays by Jason Quinn; illustrated by Lalit Kumar Sharma


Those Wacky Victorians

Any historian will tell you not to judge the people of the past too harshly.  It takes some effort not to judge the culture of the Victorian era though. (At least how it was in Europe and the U.S.) Yes, the Victorian era saw incredible leaps forward in city life, science and culture, but a culture can't progress without making some pretty strange wrong turns. It's all so adorable, and WEIRD, that it's difficult not to laugh at them a bit.

Senility of Vladimir P. cover

Vladimir Putin in Fiction

The DC/Baltimore area seems to be inundated with Putin-based theater over the last year.

Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys

Literary Fanfiction

Fanfiction.  People often say this word with a sneer, but if you’re a reader you have probably been reading fanfiction your whole life.

Holy or Broken cover

Five Books About One Song

Expertise.  It's a nice thing to have, but it often takes time and effort that we don't have.  Luckily, it's fairly easy to be an expert on one very, very specific thing, like a song.  Think about it.  Would you rather spend 2 years studying American music history, or one afternoon learning all there is to know about "White Christmas?" Here are five books that will have you on your way to faking pop music expertise. 

Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding

Comfort Reads for Troubled Times

So lately the term “self-care” has been very popular.  (I can’t imagine why that could be.)  The library is here for you in many ways.  We have yoga and meditation classes.  We have quiet and comfy chairs.  My colleague Reza S. has some non-fiction recommendations for you.    

Orphan Master's Son cover

Fiction about North Korea

And Fiction by North Koreans

So, um, North Korea has been in the news a lot lately.  Now might be a good time to read some of their fiction.  However, there really isn’t a lot of it that is available to the world outside North Korea. Until recently, there hasn’t been any unauthorized work making its way out of the country, which is exceptionally chilling, given that unauthorized fiction tends to find its way out of all authoritarian regimes. (People need to tell their stories.)  However, this March saw the U.S.

Back to College

The campus novel

I went to a state university. It was really big, and a lot of my fellow students were adults with jobs and kids and, you know, actual lives. So there really wasn't much campus life going on. I don't regret my decision (I saved a ton of money) but I do envy people who had "real" college experiences.

Go-Between cover

What I Did Last Summer

Eight Books About "That One Summer"

There is a reason why “The Summer that Changed My Life” is a college admission essay staple.  For a young person, it's three whole months of relatively unstructured time.  Something interesting has to happen, right?  Novelists feel the same way.  There are so many novels that take place over a single summer.  Here is just a sample:  

A Place of Greater Safety cover

Vive La Révolution!

Fiction about the French Revolution

The French Revolution. It's a lot like the American Revolution, except it was bloodier, more complicated and fueled by righteous class fury. (This video will take you through it.) Then there is the petty backstabbing among the revolutionaries. It's like a middle school lunchroom with a guillotine. All this makes for some pretty great fiction.