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Enjoy watching British TV series and movies? Find popular titles on the new BBC Studios suite on Kanopy, free with your library card! Catch up on earlier seasons and discover titles you might not have seen on PBS. You may spot a few familiar faces in the cast as you watch.   ~Elisa Babel, Adult Librarian

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Walking Dead TV Series Feature Display

West End Library Featured Selection

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Now Streaming: Hispanic Heritage Month

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Celebrate Hispanic voices and discover their stories in the Hispanic Heritage Month collection on Kanopy, free with your library card! The special collection of movies and documentaries was compiled by Kanopy staff. For your viewing pleasure, discover titles from Spain, Latin America, and South America in the "World Cinema" section.

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Now Streaming: Summer Reading

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Looking for great movies to watch this summer? Enjoy fantastic adaptations of popular and classic novels in this special "Summer Reading" collection on Kanopy, free with your library card! Discover the lives of the authors who wrote these books with in depth documentaries. For beginning and young independent readers, a selection of Kanopy Kids titles are available. This special collection was compiled by Kanopy staff.

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Now Streaming: Asia on Screen

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Watch the stories of Asian American and Pacific Islanders in the "Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month" collection on Kanopy, free with your library card! This special collection of documentaries and films was compiled by Kanopy staff. Also available for your viewing pleasure, the "Asian Cinema" collection features movies in their original language with English subtitles.

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Thrilling Graphic Novels with T.V. Adaptations

The book is always better.

We all know that there have been some maddening movie adaptations of our favorite books. Our favorite scenes get cut, the characters don't look like how we imagined them, or the producers completely change the entire plot or worse, the ending. T.V. adaptations, however, have become more popular in recent years. With more episodes and longer run times, these adaptations of our favorite books might prove to be more accurate and more fulfilling than their film counterparts. Graphic novels in particular are having a moment in the T.V.

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Now Streaming: Ukraine on Screen

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With Ukraine and Russia in the headlines, learn the origins of the "Conflict in Ukraine" collection on Kanopy, free with your library card. This special collection features movies and documentaries about Ukraine compiled by Kanopy staff. ~Elisa Babel, Adult Librarian

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Now Streaming: "Road Trip for Ralphie"

Since its release in November 1983, "A Christmas Story" is a holiday movie staple. It's an adaptation from the novel by Jean Shepherd.

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Now Streaming: Indigenous Peoples around the World

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, discover the stories of indigenous peoples around the world. Below are a selection of titles available on Kanopy. Watch these and many more with your library card! "Kū Kanaka (Stand Tall)" (2017)

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Now Streaming: October Frights!

Ready to be scared and thrilled this Halloween season? Be frightened with these classic and contemporary titles available on Kanopy! Find these and more with your library card. "The Masque of the Red Death" (1964)