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Petworth’s Mature and Motivated Presents...Train Your Brain Games!

(Monthly activities and group games for the Fabulous at 50+)

With many older Americans living with dementia, there is much talk about memory-loss prevention and "neuroplasticity."   Join us at Petworth Library each month for fun games, individual mental exercises, group competition, and discussion informed by books from our collection as well as other media resources. This program is especially for mature adults aged 50+ years to support active and varied learning, memory, flexibility and fluidity in thinking and communicating.


Book Bundles Over Break!

Small collections of books united by theme to inspire family fun!

Looking for ways to keep your child's creative mind engaged over Spring break? Stop by to pick up a thematic book bundle for you and your youngster to enjoy! With a variety of themes to delight and inspire, these book bundles showcase 5-7 fiction and non-fiction printed books, audiobooks -- plus a music CD or DVD -- and range in age-appropriateness from Pre-K to Second Grade. Examples of themes that can inspire extension activities:

Mine craft event

Minecraft Madness

A celebration of all things Minecraft

Minecraft Madness took over the Northeast Library on Sunday, March 22. Kids celebrated their love for the game by logging on and playing with their library friends. We also decorated 8-bit faces, ate Minecraft-themed snacks, read Minecraft books, and played three rounds of Minecraft bingo. Bingo winners got to take home their very own Minecraft book.   This party was a big hit, so look for more Minecraft-related programming in the future.