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Thrilling Graphic Novels with T.V. Adaptations

The book is always better.

We all know that there have been some maddening movie adaptations of our favorite books. Our favorite scenes get cut, the characters don't look like how we imagined them, or the producers completely change the entire plot or worse, the ending. T.V. adaptations, however, have become more popular in recent years. With more episodes and longer run times, these adaptations of our favorite books might prove to be more accurate and more fulfilling than their film counterparts. Graphic novels in particular are having a moment in the T.V.

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Romance Manga

Romantic Manga Romance manga can be funny, dramatic and bittersweet and evoke a lot of different emotions in readers. Some of these stories can be more romantic comedies and some are more romantic drama. These stories also can be enjoyed by both teens and adults.

Cinderella Is Dead by Kaylnn Bayron

Great Winter Reads

Books to read under a blanket and help you complete your reading goals for 2021!

Reading is a hobby that you can do year round but there is just something special about reading a book in the winter curled under covers with a hot drink. So today I wanted to highlight 10 books (1 bonus at the end) that I’ve enjoyed reading and feel would be great winter reads. Note: There is a mix of Young Adult and Adult titles in this list and each book is linked to their physical and electronic books when applicable. (Click the title if you are interested in placing the book on hold!)

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August Staff Picks

Encountering Russian royalty. Suffragists arrive in the District to be heard. Uncovering a plot. What makes readers do strange and amusing things with books. Below are titles I enjoyed. Copies can be checked out and downloaded from the library system. The Women's March by Jennifer Chiaverini

What If by Randall Munroe

Pixels to Print

Webcomics on paper

When I heard that Lore Olympus was to be


New Kid Read-A-Likes for Adults

For those who are participating in the DC Family Read of Jerry Craft’s graphic novel New Kid, here are five graphic novels for adults you should definitely check out. These books, much like New Kid, also tackle the themes of being torn between two worlds, racism or prejudice and diversity in a moving way.

A Bintel Brief

Road Trip!

Graphic novels from coast to coast

Graphic novels are so fun to read because the artwork adds a whole other level to world building. The illustrative choices set tone, provide context, and sometimes add story clues or easter eggs. Like other forms of literature, graphic novels come in all flavors of fiction and nonfiction; and the artwork can vary from stark black and white drawings to intense color-filled pages.

Still I Rise

Graphic Novels For Black History Month

Black History Month provides endless opportunities to fine tune your reading, focus on certain aspects of the world or culture, and grow as a reader. Take it a step further by diving into these eight graphic novels that are ideal reading for Black History Month or anyone interested anytime in black history, black stories, or black storytellers.