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The Secret History of Wonder Woman

Great Books About Comics

Check out these titles to learn more about the history of comic books!

Summer Reading Club 2015 has begun and this year’s theme is “Every Hero Has a Story!” In honor of this theme the library is having a number of programs about all types of heroes, both real and super. There are many great superhero comics, but there are many great books about comics you should check out. These are some of my favorites:


Graphic Novels

Much more than superheroes

Graphic novels are so much more than the comic books you may remember from your childhood. Memoirs, fantasy, horror, science fiction and adaptations of classic plays, novels, myths and legends now come in graphic novel format. Below is a small sampling of the types of great graphic novels out there:


Your Friday Five

Contains graphic content

We have been getting a slew of new graphic novels in our collection, and it has been thrilling to see some of the most interesting art and writing on our shelves.