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The Babysitters Coven by Kate Williams

Stranger Reads

8 Books Like Stranger Things

A lot of friendship. A little bit of nostalgia. A little bit of horror. A little bit of science fiction. And a little bit of fantasy. These are the things that make up the magic of Stranger Things, Netflix’s immeasurably popular TV show about a town plagued by a force of evil lurking just below its surface. If you just can’t get enough of the Upside Down and Hawkins, Indiana, check out one of these books for teens and adults with your library card.

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Hair-Raising Historical Horror

Five eerie tales of the past

Historical fiction has gained a momentum of popularity recently, possibly due to the rise of period drama shows on TV and streaming services. Many of these shows focus on interpersonal relationships or the social mores of the time. However, sometimes it can be interesting to read how a protagonist handles a terrifying, supernatural situation without modern conveniences such as cell phones or cars. Here is a list of historical fiction that brings both the past and the supernatural together.

March Was Women in Horror Month at West End

A celebration of women who write amazing horror fiction

March is Women in Horror Month, and the West End Neighborhood Library celebrated along with libraries and bookstores nationwide. West End Library Staff member Tracy is a major supporter of speculative fiction and horror published and reissued by Valancourt Books, many of which are now available at the DC Public Library. Valancourt Books is an independent small press located in Richmond, VA. They specialize in the rediscovery of rare, neglected, and out-of-print fiction. Check out these Valancourt titles to get started on a horrifying journey:

Mary Shelley

Daughters of Mary Shelley

A Monthly Book Club Discussing Speculative Fiction by Women Writers

This will be our second series of yearlong celebrations of women authors and their influence: in 2021 we read and discussed works by Jane Austen and other writers who examined issues of family, male-female relationships, the institutions that enforce gender roles, and the ability of individuals to bend or break the rules of those institutions.

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Now Streaming: October Frights!

Ready to be scared and thrilled this Halloween season? Be frightened with these classic and contemporary titles available on Kanopy! Find these and more with your library card. "The Masque of the Red Death" (1964)


My Baby Step into Science Fiction

Trekking along with my goal of branching out and reading different genres, science fiction was next on my list (after poetry). With every genre I read I always seek out authors of color/Black authors so the following books on this list are Black science fiction authors, talented voices that are not at the forefront of the genre.  

An image of the profile of a young, dark skinned Black woman with large stone beads around her neck and fossil balls in her curly black hair.

Black Future Month Happy Hour

Join our Community Read & follow up with a fun chat

It is both Black History Month and Black Future Month at DC Public Library, so don't miss our Black Future Month Happy Hour! Join our Community Read of author N.K. Jemisin's How Long 'Til Black Future Month? On Friday, Feb. 19 at 6 p.m., we'll chat and share insights as we explore the worlds within Jemisin's short stories together.

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Samanta Schweblin, "Little Eyes"

Review of Little Eyes, Samanta Schweblin Book of the Month, Dec. 2020 Written by Las Comadres Book Club member, Gustavo L.