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Monsters and Magic and Mythology - Oh My!

Urban Fantasy Novels to Add Magic to Your Winter Reading

Do you like gritty cities but also want inhuman characters? Do you love reading about magic, but aren't interested in world building that reimagines the medieval? Urban fantasy mixes the magic, monsters, and mythology of high fantasy with the dark and gritty city underworlds of noir. The five books below will get you started.

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Love Blossoms in the Spring with Historical Romance

Flowers aren't the only thing blooming this spring. Check out these historical romances for blossoming love stories.

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Can You Solve these True Crime Robberies?


Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers

Mental Health Awareness

  Mental health issues are a growing concern in the US. These books help explain stress, trauma, the brain’s responses, and the treatment advances occurring in the field. 

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Winning Over the Wallflowers

Historical romance featuring ladies who blend into the shadows and the men who aren’t afraid to pull them into the spotlight. 

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Diverse Cozy Mysteries

Do you like cozy mysteries but are tired of the seemingly endless small town settings? Do you wish cozy mysteries had more diverse characters? You are in luck! Below are five cozy mysteries featuring a diverse cast of characters and settings ranging from small towns to big cities. 

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Crime and Punishment

Do you enjoy true crime books, police procedurals, or forensic mystery novels? Then these riveting histories that explore criminal investigation, sensational trials, and the use of forensics might be for you.

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Workplace Romance with a Killer Twist

When the professional turns very personal, can these couples stay safe, catch the villains and make a relationship work? 

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Celebrating Nora Roberts' 40 Years of Books

Nora Roberts’ first book was published in 1981. To celebrate her enduring legacy, here are some of my favorite Nora Roberts romances. If you haven’t read some of these (or any of her books!), you should definitely check them out. 

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Historical Romance Protagonists with Interesting Careers

More and more historical romances feature female characters with careers that we don’t normally think of women having before the 20th century. Yet women could be found in nearly every profession even if it was frowned upon or ignored by polite society. Check out some of these great stories with women who attain both fulfilling careers and love.