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A Broken Hallelujah

Honoring the late Leonard Cohen

In Writing, Film, and Song

Two of the greatest experiences of my life involved seeing Leonard Cohen, the late great Canadian singer and poet, perform live. While his body has left us, his spirit lives on through his decades of writing and song. Here are some recommendations of books and films by and about him to help understand and commemorate his legacy.  

African American History Culture Museum cover

Staff Pick: National Museum of African American Museum & Culture

New in the collection

The Smithsonian's newest museum, the National Museum of African American History and Culture, is now open to the public!

June Library Basement Show

Librarians Love Punk Questionnaire with Governess

Learn about the reading habits of local band, Governess, performing in the Library Basement Show with Loud Boyz and Heavy Breathing on Thursday, June 2nd!  1. What is the one book you would say changed your life after you read it?

PKL Youth Advisory Now Forming

Earn Community Service Hours as a Library Youth Advisor

Teens!  Are you a respectful, responsible young adult aged 13-19 and interested in sharing your ideas about how the Parklands-Turner Library can meet your needs and the needs of other young people in our community? Visit the library today or phone 202-645-4532 and ask to speak with Ms. Auset for more information on how you can be a part of this exciting new group.

If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Empowerment Through Music: Young Adult Titles

Even though it seems to exist in a world of its own, literature – especially young adult literature – is inherently familiar and joined with music. The rhythm and emphasis on figurative language are often enough on their own to connect books to the realm of musicality. However, sometimes music also becomes part of the story or takes on a more concrete shape in the life of the protagonist. For these stories, music is essential. If you have a taste for music and YA Fiction; these stories are ones you shouldn’t miss.  


Jazz In My Jammies!

A Revival of Our Annual Celebration of Jazz Appreciation Month!

Tax woes making you and your family sad? Well, jump into your jammies and let some jazzy beats make you glad! Join us on Thursday, April 25 from 6 - 6:45 p.m. for some swinging stories, recorded jazzy jams, dandy dances as well as vintage video clips with jazz themes! This multi-generational program is appropriate for ages 3 to 8 with adult chaperones (please invite grandparents/senior friends too). Please note: Wearing comfortable pajamas to this story time is optional for all, but encouraged!

Meet the Artists: DC Punk Archive Library Basement Show

The Official Q & A

In preparation for the upcoming DC Punk Archive Library Basement Show with local bands Foul Swoops, Thaylobleu and Mission Creep, we asked the musicians a few questions about their literary habits and local music haunts. Check out your favorite bands' favorite books below:

DC Punk Archive Library Basement Show

The DC Punk Archive Library Basement Show Q & A

w/ The Cornel West Theory, Time is Fire and The Black Sparks

The DC Punk Archive Library Basement Show is Thursday, February 4th with The Cornel West Theory, Time is Fire and The Black Sparks. Before you hear their music, find out what and where these artists like to read, their favorite DC venues and their visions of libraries in the future. 

DC Punk Archive Library Basement Show

DC Punk Archive Library Basement Show: the Q&A

with Rom, Booby Trap and Psychic Subcreatures

The DC Punk Archive Library Basement Show is Thursday, 

DCLM photo

DC Legendary Musicians Ceremony and Jam Session

Celebrate DC's legendary R & B musicians with an official proclamation and live music

On October 31 from 2 to 5 pm, the DCLM (DC Legendary Musicians) band returns to the Great Hall at the MLK Memorial Library to celebrate and honor DC's professional musicians and performers, past and present, with an official reading of a letter from Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton. A scroll of professional musicians will be presented to DCPL's Special Collections, followed by a live jam session!