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 Never make the same mistake twice : lessons on love and life learned the hard way / Nene Leakes with Denene Millner


Read the Writing of Your Favorite Atlanta Housewife

In late 2008, one of the most influential reality shows in TV history aired:

How Children Succeed by Paul Tough

Let's Play School

Books to help you homeschool and support distance learning

With the world and education paths thrown into chaos over the last several months, you might be at a loss as to how to manage your child’s education. There may be no easy or right answers, but we can look to existing literature for guidance.

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Shake it up! : Stay Home & STAR

Sing, Talk & Read with Young Children

Items Needed: Acorns, pebbles, or marbles (warning: choking hazard) Tupperware container with well-fitting lid Washable Paint Pieces of blank scratch paper What to do:

Masking tape attached with masking tape

Sticky Wall: Stay Home & STAR

Sing, Talk & Read with Young Children

Items Needed: Contact paper or tape (packing tape is best) Masking or scotch tape Lightweight items to stick on (Yarn, cotton balls, tissue paper, plastic buttons, aluminum foil) Optional: a permanent marker for an adult to draw shapes on tape What to do:

Plastic Tub with legos and shaker eggs

Washing Station: Stay Home and STAR

Sing, Talk & Read with Young Children

Items Needed: A non-breakable baking dish or large tupperware container Water Dish Soap Sponges, toothbrushes, or wash rags  Plastic toys   What to do: Make sure you do this on a surface that can get wet, or put down a towel underneath your container 

What's In There

And Then There Were Two

What To Read to Your First When You're Expecting Your Second

When you were expecting your first child, you likely picked up books on pregnancy, parenting, adoption or raising children for yourself. Now that you're expecting a second (or a third, or a fourth child) you might be seeking books to read to your younger children about what to expect with this new baby--from what is going on, where baby's come from, what's going to change and what isn't, and what babies can and can't do. These ten picture books are a great place to start when talking about pregnancy, being a sibling or welcoming a new family member. 

Being a Book Lover with Miss Annie

Learning to love to read!

Welcome back to Annie’s blog.  It might have been William Shakespeare who said, “Some people are born readers, some learn how to be readers, and others have reading thrust upon them.” Well, something like that. 


Growing Your Child

Child development & child psychology

Conventional wisdom abounds when it comes to the topic of child-rearing. However, a well-considered and well-researched scientific inquiry is just as helpful. The books on this list look at child development through the lenses of neurology, developmental psychology, and cognitive science. Take the guilt out of the guesswork and let science work its magic.

All about Libraries with Annie!

Hello and welcome

Hello out there, everyone in the DC Public Library blogiverse.

Cover for Kid Gloves

Graphic Novels about Parenthood and Getting Pregnant

 Are you a parent who is plagued by lack of sleep, toddlers who refuse to go to bed, constant tantrums, or do you have the theme song of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood stuck in your head? Then perhaps it’s time to unwind with a graphic novel about parenting. The following is a list of books about the experience of parenting: becoming a parent, struggling as a parent or just a couple of laughs about that crazy process of raising a kid.