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November's Tough Topic--Adoption

A specially curated selection of materials to facilitate family discussion

November is National Adoption Month! Below I've listed several age-appropriate books that tackle the sometimes tough topic of adoption in interesting ways. Try setting aside 25 minutes with your children to read and have ongoing discussions of these and other topical books. As always, feel free to click the book titles of choice in order to place a hold on each one. You will receive an email when your requested books are available at the library for pick up!


October's Tough Topic: Anti-Bullying

A specially curated selection of materials to facilitate family discussions.

First introduced two years ago by Ms. Tammeric, "Tough Topics" is a monthly series of carefully curated materials covering a specific difficult theme in order to prompt and facilitate important family discussions. All children deserve to be happy, healthy, secure and care-free as they live and learn. However, as life would have it, issues and challenges inevitably come our way and despite our best protective efforts children are not immune to experiencing them as well.

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Favorite Back to School Books

It's that time of year

Whether it is your little one’s first time at school this year or they are a returning pro, enjoy some of these favorite back-to-school books.  I have used all of these books for story time programs, school visits to the library, or reading with my young nephew who had his first day of school this year!  I have found all of the books below to be proven hits, so I hope you enjoy and stop by the library to check out some and share with your little ones.


Fractured Fairy Tales

Stories You Love -- With a Silly Twist

Have you ever wondered if your favorite fairy tales really ended "happily ever after" or what happened after the dish ran away with the spoon? These silly stories will show you a different side to stories that you know.

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Rockin' Picture Books

Books with interactive movement and sounds

Take story time to the next level with these picture books filled with movement and actions!  Acting out the movements and sounds found within the pages can extend the fun you and your little one have with the book.  Check out some of these rockin’ picture books today!

Paper Bag Princess Book Cover

Princess Books That Are A Little Bit Different

Love them or hate them, fictional princesses are a popular theme that has been around for some time. From the Grimm's fairy tales to the Disney princesses, countless princess stories have been told.

Ten in the Bed book

Singable Books

Sing, Talk, and Read

If you’ve ever attended one of your library’s story time programs, you know how much we emphasize the importance of singing, talking and reading with your child.  Singing is one of my favorite ways to engage young children with books and just one of the ways that we can incorporate Singing, Talking, and Reading into story time fun!

Journey by Aaron Becker

At a Loss for Words

Noteworthy Wordless Picture Books for Children

Wordless books are a valuable literary tool for toddlers and preschoolers, as well as for reluctant readers, that can help shape early literacy skills and foster children's imaginations. The vivid illustrations found throughout wordless books provide young readers access to dynamic art presentations and highlight the creativity of illustrators as storytellers. Wordless books also give children confidence that they can finish books on their own, understanding the development of a story without having the fear of incorrectly pronouncing a word.

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Create Your Own Comic

Especially for young fans of comic books and comic strips!

Join us on Saturday, Sept. 26 at 11:30 a.m. for a fun program in honor of National Comic Book Day (Sept. 25). We will be reading Easy Reader "comic books," picture books written in the style of comic books and creating our own comic strips! This is a fun storytelling, reading, writing and drawing program for children ages 6 - 9.  

Bark George

Phonological Awareness

Early Literacy tips for parents and caretakers of young children

Researchers say that there are six skills that are important for children to learn before they are ready to read: