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Books to Read on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Observed on Friday, Jan. 27, 2023.

Adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2005, Jan. 27 is recognized as International Holocaust Remembrance Day which both honors the victims of the Holocaust and supports the development of educational programs to remember the Holocaust and prevent future genocide. The date is significant because it was the date that Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated. The DC Public Library has selected a few reads for children and teens that can help families learn more about this important topic.

Waterfalls of the Blue Ridge cover

Staff Picks: Regional Trails in Winter

Winter can be a great time to enjoy the best of the outdoors in our region. There are fewer tourists! Below are a selection of titles available to check out and download from the library. Waterfalls of the Blue Ridge, 5th edition by Johnny Molloy

Twas the Night cover

December Staff Pick: Twas the Night by Pamela McColl

In 1822, Clement Clarke Moore recited his new poem "The Night Before Christmas" to his family. The following year, a major New York state newspaper printed Moore's poem, and it became a holiday classic.

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Now Streaming: BBC Studios

Available on Kanopy!

Enjoy watching British TV series and movies? Find popular titles on the new BBC Studios suite on Kanopy, free with your library card! Catch up on earlier seasons and discover titles you might not have seen on PBS. You may spot a few familiar faces in the cast as you watch.   ~Elisa Babel, Adult Librarian

Elements of Style cover

November Staff Pick: "The Elements of Style"

November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Month

Since 1959, The Elements of Style by William B. Strunk and E.B. White remains a classic writing guidebook. The concise book explains the basic rules of usage, composition, misused words and expressions, and more. One stand out composition rule I've always liked: "Omit needless words." (Rule #17).

Switchboard Soldiers cover

Summer Reads

Making and discovering history, here in DC and abroad. Returning characters have mysteries to solve and new adventures. Below are a selection of titles I enjoyed reading over the summer months. Copies are available to check out and download from the library. Switchboard Soldiers by Jennifer Chiaverini

Job Ready Python cover

Handy Tech Manuals

Books to help you get started

Whether you're starting with the basics or want to learn about more about computer programs and applications, we've got the guidebooks to help you get started! Find these select titles below and more on our shelves. Copies are available to check out from the library system. Job Ready Python by Haythem Balti

Jane and the Year without a Summer cover

Spring Mix Staff Picks

Amateur detectives return for new adventures and mysteries to solve and women rule in these novels and non-fiction books. Below are a few I've read and enjoyed. Copies can be checked out and downloaded from the library system. Jane and the Year Without a Summer by Stephanie Barron

Microsoft Office for Seniors cover

Handy Tech Manuals

Guides to getting started

Whether you're starting out with the basics of a new operating system or curious about a particular digital application, we've got the tech manuals to help! Below are selected titles to help you get started. Copies are available to check out from the library system.

Betrayal on the Bowery cover

January Staff Picks

Follow amateur sleuths as they investigate disappearances, illegal operations, and murder in the 19th century. One thing in common: the sleuths are near the ocean at some point during their search! These historical mystery series titles can be checked out or downloaded from the library. Betrayal on the Bowery by Kate Belli