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Job Ready Python cover

Handy Tech Manuals

Books to help you get started

Whether you're starting with the basics or want to learn about more about computer programs and applications, we've got the guidebooks to help you get started! Find these select titles below and more on our shelves. Copies are available to check out from the library system. Job Ready Python by Haythem Balti


Let's Make Poop!

Discover SCIENCE with Dr. Bear

How does our food actually become poop? Our kids got an up-close encounter with learning about the digestive system and how the food we eat gets processed into stinky, smelly poop by making a model of how poop exits the body. It was a fun, smelly activity. Keep an eye out as this activity will appear again later this summer. What is Discover Science with Dr. Bear?

Night Sky Month by Month cover

Starry Skies

April is Global Astronomy Month

Observe the night sky this spring and beyond! To celebrate Global Astronomy Month, here are a selection of titles about astronomy. You're sure to spot something of wonder in the skies. 

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Handy Tech Manuals

Guides to getting started

Whether you're starting out with the basics of a new operating system or curious about a particular digital application, we've got the tech manuals to help! Below are selected titles to help you get started. Copies are available to check out from the library system.

Adobe Creative Cloud cover

Handy Tech Manuals

Guides for Beginners

Create something and want to share it online? Have a new digital device and want to learn more about how it works? Check out these handy tech guidebooks to get started! Copies are available to check out from the library system.

Fire snake demonstration

A little magic and science at the library...

We've been holding our programs outdoors this summer and having fun creating things with basic household goods. With a few simple ingredients, our children’s librarian Ms.

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Carnegie Awards 2021

This month, the winners of the Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction and Non-Fiction will receive their awards during the American Library Association Virtual Conference. Below are the winning titles. Copies are available to check out and download from the library. Fiction

Ocean Speaks

Science in the Summer

STEM Picture Book Biographies

Let’s get scientific! One of the best ways to get excited about science, technology, engineering, and math is to read about pioneers in STEM fields. Biographies are a great place to start! Whether you’re dreaming of becoming an astronaut, excited about biology and DNA, or just curious about coding, these biographies are a great source of information and inspiration!


True Animal Tails

What could be cuter than books about animals? How about true stories of animals who did amazing things like learn with humans, save lives and make best friends? The selections on this list tell the true tails of amazing animals. Children and adults alike will enjoy the heart-warming stories and beautiful illustrations. Note: All titles are linked to their physical copies, and many are available as library e-books or e-audiobooks with OverDrive and its app Libby.

book jacket

Math for Kids

Math doesn't have to be boring! Move away from the tears and frustration with these books. Colorful illustrations, concise explanations written in kid-speak, and helpful diagrams will turn math into a fun and rewarding activity. All of the books included on this list are suitable for grade school-aged children (6-12 years).