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Captain America: Civil War movie poster

Teen Movie Review: Captain America Civil War

Thrilling moments that a Marvel fan at any stage can enjoy.

Review written by Jerell King, Teen Aide at Anacostia Library, MBSYEP Employee and member of the Teen Council since 2018.

movie poster for The Hate U Give

Teen Movie Review: The Hate U Give

Follow Starr's walk fight for justice.

Review written by Maggie Hankins, Teen Aide at Petworth Library and member of the Teen Council since 2018. 

Cover to New Kid

Teen Book Review: New Kid

Jason Johnson, 2020 MBSYEP employee, reviews this summer's DC Family Reads title

Review written by Jason Johnson, 2020 MBSYEP Employee

Cover of Radio Silence

Teen Book Review: Radio Silence

Sophia Hackett, MBSYEP employee, writes about identity and friendship in her review of this contemporary YA novel

Review written by Sophia Hackett, 2020 MBSYEP Employee

Dangerous Alliance

Jane in YA

Austen Retellings for Young Adult Readers

Jane Austen is one of the most beloved, and most adapted, authors of all time. It's no wonder that every genre has had their hand in Jane Austen adaptations--from literary sequels, contemporary retellings, murder mysteries, to young adult fiction. Today, I want to look at six great young adult retellings of Austen's novels that are perfect for teen readers or older readers who are looking for new ways to access old favorites. 

Movie poster for The Farewell

Teen Movie Review: The Farewell

SYEP employee, India Wilson, gives her insights on this 2019 dramedy

Review by India Wilson, 2020 MBSYEP Employee

Spirited Away movie poster

Teen Movie Review: Spirited Away

Elijah Butts, SYEP employee, shares his thoughts on one of the most popular Miyazai films

Review by Elijah Butts, 2020 MBSYEP Employee I've never been one for Disney movies and other animated movies aimed at kids that are often in theaters now. So deciding to watch Spirited Away, I was feeling pretty unenthusiastic but its glowing reviews and Studio Ghibli’s reputation pushed me to still watch it.

Photo of Zikora

Interview with Zikora of GenZHER

Michal Tucker, Teen Council member, interviews the 15-year-old founder of a digital publication focused on amplifying youth voices

Meet Zikora, the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of GenZHER, a digital publication by the youth for the youth.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Read it First!

YA titles made into movies

A lot of young adult books become movies, and that only means you need to read it first! These books have all been adapted for film. While watching a movie is a good time, you can get a lot out of a story both on the page and the screen. Check out these books, and our OverDrive collection for other great books that have been movies.  

Of Curses and Kisses

Queen Me

YA Royal Reads with Female Leads

Whether you grew up in Disney princess costumes or reading the Princess Diaries series, many of us have been fascinated by roya