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Let's Take a Road Trip!

YA Books to Inspire You to Hit the Road

Summer time and road trips go hand in hand. There is something about the warm weather that draws us out and makes us want to look for adventure. The magic of the open road and the wide variety of sights, sounds, and smells has made for many great stories. The collection of characters, the big moments, and the quiet in between the miles set the stage for fun, reflection, and the unexpected. 

homage to catalonia

Your Friday Five

Adventure in a foreign land

The summer is almost officially upon us and there is traveling to be done! Being a stranger in a foreign land is always exciting, but needless to say, it does come with its challenges. If you don't have travel plans anytime soon, let one of these books whisk you away. And if you are taking off soon, these books will keep you entertained on the journey. Bon voyage!

"No reservations: around the world on an empty stomach" by Anthony Bourdain

Around the World in Ten Books

A summer reading list

If you’ve spent time on the Mall recently, you know: The summer tourist season has begun. Hopefully, your summer reading has, too.  

Sideways on a Scooter: Life and Love in India by Miranda Kennedy

Armchair Travel Books

Soul-searching travel memoirs

Itching for a vacation after that cold winter? Save some money and travel via armchair to places like Paris, India and Casablanca with only your library card. These travelogue books feature transformational experiences the authors have had away from home. Sideways on a Scooter: Life and Love in India by Miranda Kennedy