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Reader's Theatre

A Year of Stories

Reader’s Theatre shared a dozen diverse seasonal stories in 2022. The monthly live events showcased books, crafts, and talent near and far.

Save Me The Plums

Food Memoirs Written by Women

Food is about so much more than sustenance; It's about community and healing. It's love, exploration, and comfort and these memoirs prove just that.

This month in History: The 1913 Women’s Parade in Washington DC

This month in History was the Women Suffrage Procession which was a parade in Washington DC on Mar. 1, 1913. The women’s march was organized by Alice Paul and Lucy Stone of the National American Woman Suffrage Association. Alice Paul and Lucy Stone organized the parade to help their cause of getting women the right to vote in the United States. Over 5000 women from all over the United States marched in the parade. The parade date was chosen to make an impact because of the number of visitors in Washington DC for President Woodrow Wilson’s inauguration.

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Women's History Month Reads with the Washington Mystics

Check out autobiographies detailing the lives and careers of some of our most inspiring women athletes.

This Women's History Month, DC Public Library is teaming up with the Washington Mystics to recommend great reads that you can check out with your library card! Each month we post Read Feed entries that spotlight titles around a theme. This month we are celebrating Women's History Month by lifting up autobiographies of inspiring women athletes. Happy Reading!

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Booktalking "A Girl and Five Brave Horses" by Sonora Carver

Sonora Carver was a misfit during her school-age years. Often truant as a girl due to fraternizing with horses, Sonora was about to be expelled when her mother asked her to stay home anyway to take care of her younger siblings. Then, one day her mother presented her with a wild idea. She showed her an ad for a diving girl with Dr. Carver's diving horses. Sonora was less than thrilled about the proposition until she saw a performance. She was then captivated by the job opportunity, and she could think of little else. It became her mission to dive with horses.

Black Women in Music Score Collection

The Score Collection: American Women in Music

For Women's History Month, check out a score to practice at home

Celebrate Women’s History Month and discover DC Public Library’s music score collection to inspire your creative side! With over 10,000 circulating scores, DC Public Library card holders can explore musical genres from classical to contemporary, rock, pop, jazz and everything in between.

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"Daughters of Jane" Meet & Greet

Introducing a new Regency Romance book club

Do you love Regency Romance or Victorian literature? Come meet like-minded literary souls as we celebrate the kickoff of Daughters of Jane on Tuesday, March 16 at 6 p.m. This will be the first in a series of yearlong celebrations of women authors and their influence. Starting each March, we will honor a new woman author as we read and chat throughout the year about her work, as well as the work of other writers who have been impacted by her.  

Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in All its Phases by Ida B. Wells

Ida B.Wells:Telling the Truth and Sharing the Story

Read the Writing of a 'Courageous Black Woman Journalist'

We've seen racial injustice captured online. We've watched uprisings on cell phone video. This sort of democratized reporting highlights the harsh reality of racism and the significance of storytelling. But before cell phone video, there was Ida B. Wells.

little leaders

Leaders and Dreamers

Women's History Festival with Vashti Harrison book selections

DC Public Library will be on hand for Leaders and Dreamers: Women's History Festival with Vashti Harrison at The National Portrait Gallery Saturday, March 14, 11:30 a.m.

Women in History

Daily Women History Trivia

Getting to know our Women in History

Join us at Bellevue Neighborhood Library to take a look back in history.  We will have daily trivia on Women's History with prizes for the winners throughout March. From Susan B. Anthony to Rosa Parks to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, there's been no shortage of women who weren't afraid to fight the good fight and do what no one else would.