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Thanking the Moon

Traditions and Tales of China

Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

On the fifteenth day of the Eighth Moon (October 15 in 2017) family members come together to honor the Moon Goddess, Chang E and enjoy an evening under the especially large Harvest Moon. Sharing poems and stories are a traditional activity of the holiday. The books listed below include beloved Chinese tales, stories of family, and books to help prepare for the day and evening of the seasonal event:

The First Chinese American

Golden Dreams Deferred

The Chinese American Experience

If you are looking for a new literary experience in Washington, D.C., drop by the DC Public Library table during this month’s "Talk Story" event hosted by the Chinese Community Church located at 500 I (Eye) Street, NW.

Be the Change: A Grandfather Gandhi Story

Empowering Ourselves, Empowering Others

A "Build a Better World" Reading List

Summer is around the corner, and with it comes fun in the sun and the Library's 2017 Summer Reading Program, Build a Better World. All ages are invited to enjoy programs and, of course, the Library's wide selection of books, ebooks, and audiobooks. Below is a list of books for nearly every age with a message about the power of the individual to make a difference in the world.  

bookcover of thunder rose

Outlandish Women

Picture Book Tall Tales

Seen as a uniquely American brand of humor, tall tales are told in a straightforward manner as if to indicate the truthfulness of the account. Hyperbole and well-known American landmarks, like the creation of the Grand Canyon and western geysers in Dust Devil are also a common feature of the genre.

Radiant Child

New and Inspirational

Illustrated African American Biography

Leading up to the 2017 American Library Association Youth Media Awards on January 23, many in the book world revisited some of their favorite books from 2016.  I went back to some of my favorite books and narrowed my list around a theme: recent illustrated biographies of African Americans who did something extraordinary.  Some are famous, some not so famous.  Two of the biographies have won multiple awards, but all are outstanding in their original artwork and storytelling.  I invite you check them out and see for yourself.

Storyteller's Candle

The Reader and the Library

In Honor of Library Card Sign-up Month

Those who write stories are usually voracious readers and may have visited the public library sometime in their lives. In the list below various, authors describe an experience at the public library, some not altogether positive, but each story tells of a door that was opened, a door to creativity, beauty, or something not quite within the reader's grasp -- not yet.  Visit the library, read one of these stories and others.  Dare to dream, be inspired and keeping reaching.

kick in the head

Pictured Poetry

Illustrated Books of Poems

Whether new to poetry or a devoted reader/writer of verse an illustrated poem can make for an afternoon well spent.  Take a glance through the compilations and biographies or read them endpaper to endpaper.  Read a poem as a picture book, too.  Fun awaits! Compilations

rhythm ride by andrea pinkney

The Black Experience, New and Noteworthy Children's Books

The books listed here are all inspirational and true.  They take the reader through lives that may seem like our own, but become extraordinary through the individual’s creativity or inventiveness, singular devotion to improving their lives and the lives of others, and or the individual’s supportive family and community.  Some have won recent national awards.  Some have been passed around a lot. Some are meant to be read aloud.  Some are visually stunning.  All are worth enjoying.