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A Quiet Place book cover

Mysteries from the Land of the Rising Sun

Japanese Crime Novels

As a lover of mysteries, I’m always looking for a new novel full of twists and thrills. This often leads me to reading examples of the genre from all over the world. I read everything from cozy British mysteries with quirky leading characters (Miss Marple!) to gritty psychological thrillers from Scandinavian authors like Jo Nesbo. One of my new favorite places to travel to in a good mystery is Japan. Here is a selection of suspenseful reads from best selling Japanese authors.

Maybe in Another Life book cover

“What If?”

Novels About Choice, Chance, and Parallel Lives

We often ask ourselves what the outcome of our lives would be if fate dealt us another hand or we made a different choice when faced with divergent paths. The novels below allow the readers to explore that eternal question “what if?” What if one small decision changes a person’s life in drastic ways? What if an individual could make a different choice?  

Goodbye, Vitamin book cover

Short Novels That Pack a Powerful Punch

With the demands of daily living, it’s often hard to find time to fully commit to a good book. Luckily, there are a ton of books that can be tackled in just a few days - or just one, if it’s a real page turner! All of the novels below are under 200 pages. Though spare, each novel deals with weighty themes like family, grief, and the challenges that often accompany periods of growth and change.

Kitchen Confidential Book Cover

Tasty Titles for Your Inner Chef

It's an exciting time for all self-proclaimed "foodies" - the James Beard Awards season has arrived! The late James Beard was a chef, teacher, and cookbook author who championed American cuisine and guided generations of professional chefs and food enthusiasts. His legacy lives on through an eponymous foundation established in 1985 at the behest of Julia Child.

African American Art cover

The Art of Black History

In honor of Black History Month, I wanted to compile a list of recommendations that focus on an oft overlooked part of African American history and culture – the visual arts. The following books each emphasize a different facet of African American art history. I hope you will enjoy the compelling perspectives and the gorgeous illustrations.