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These books are perfect for all the horror fanatics of the world, and even better that all of  these books listed have movies that I am sure horror fans will enjoy. Escape From Asylum - Madeline Roux

School's First Day Of School

School Here We Come!

 It is that time of year again, the beginning of a new school year. For some parents and children this tradition has become routine, and for others it is the very first stage of growing and going to school for the very first time.  This joyous list of  books is sure to help parents calm children of their first day jitters and show them how much fun they will have on their first day of school and onward.  


Grown Up Fiction

These entertaining urban fictions novels are great stress relievers. These novels will keep you on the edge of your seat and coming back for more and more.

Big Little Lies

Chick Lit Unleashed

If you ever need a good laugh try one of these hilariously funny, entertaining chick literature.

Common Sense Parenting

Parenting 101

Every parent needs a little advice from time to time so I have created a list of books parents can read to assist them on different techniques for how to effectively communicate, discipline, and teach their children positive values to ensure family success.