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Epic Series

For Serious Readers

Sometimes, the best thing is a long story. You might really love a particular character, want to spend more time in a fantastic world or you’re just a sucker for a good cliffhanger. A great series allows room for real development, epic scope, and true adventure. Below are a few series that I’ve found particularly fun to spend lots of time exploring.

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The Struggle is Real

Let's tackle a difficult question. One that's hounded us since humans first had the unique audacity to ask: Why are we here and what's the point of all of this? The books below offer clues and opinions - at best. If it is existential themes you seek, some of my favorites are below.

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A Horrifying List of Thrillers

Or a Thrilling List of Horrors?

To me, nothing is quite as fun to read as a thriller. They allow you to watch people flirt with death, race against time, and make impossible decisions. You get to wear the mind of the insane or escape from monsters. Sometimes a really good one will get under your skin and keep you up at night wondering if something as evil as what you've read could exist somewhere out there in a forgotten nook of our great, wide world. Thrillers are all about suspense, adrenaline, and surprise. Below you will find some of my favorites.

Naked by Sedaris

Reading for the Laughs

Laughter is a difficult thing to draw from a page. Humor is subjective, fickle, cultural and not always timeless. It follows trends - is it fashionable to be sarcastic, dry, satirical, or crass? Is it bound to a certain language or a particular moment in history? Below you will find a list of books and stories that showcase a range of types humor and are at times side-splittingly funny.

Things Fall Apart

Historical...ish Fiction

A little bit of history with a dash of magic and monsters

What can be called historical fiction? The lines are somewhat blurry and open to interpretation. How long ago do the events in the book have to take place?