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Visually Driven Graphic Novels

Who needs all those dialogue bubbles anyway?

Why spend so much time reading, when the whole genre includes visuals?  This is a special pet peeve of mine from reading all those long dialogue exchanges in the X-men comics of the 90's.  Then cut to a fight scene, then back to dialogue at the mansion. So here is a little medicine for those who want the pictures to carry the load:   Unflattening by Nick Sousanis

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Homo Economicus

How to get over boredom and frustration when engaging with the most important subject of our time

It turns out, after the 2008 out financial crises, that maybe free market capitalism unhindered by regulation, wasn’t a perfect and flawless mechanism for ensuring growth and prosperity. Suddenly Marx’s Capital was back on the bestseller list and the Social Democrats were taking seats in Congress. So what are “We the People” supposed to think, to believe, to enact?  Here are a few reads to help us get into the problem.

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Popular Science and More

The Chemistry of Alchemy by Cathy Cobb, Monty L. Fetterolf, and Harold Goldwhite

Abundant COmmunity

Beyond Edification

Self-Help to Self-Improvement

I get the sense that these are narrowly defined to be mutually exclusive, but I am a lumper, not a splitter. Therefore I am going to tackle these two together, rather than as distinct genres. My background was in philosophy. While stimulating, it always left me wanting something a little more applicable in the day-to-day. I have leaned on this (these) genre(s) for all kinds of things, to cope with stress, to challenge my culturally inherited assumptions, even to try to be more social and communicate more effectively.

Wizard of Earthsea

Adult Fantasy and Fiction

After getting swept up in the Harry Potter craze a few years ago I started to wonder what adult fantasy novels would be like. I had a hard time finding what I was looking for: a good mix of character development, engaging dialog, well-rendered scenes, and a meaningful use of magic and other genre specialties. I found and read a few classics, but over the last few years a ton of great work has been coming out. I am excited to be sharing some of my favorites with you, both new and old, from the adult fantasy genre.

Black Like Me

The Politics of Otherness

Exploring the Consequences of Being Other in American Politics and Life

I first encountered the ideas of "Otherness" in the work of a Marxist Psychoanalyst, Julia Kristeva, who explicates the notion of the "Other" being a repressed part of the self.  I may demonize certain behaviors, races, genders, but I do so first by cutting off those parts of myself I project onto those I would call Other.  As a white man of great privilege, I am called by my sense of justice and ethical commitment to inclusiveness to try and understand what is happening to those who have been marginalized in society.

SAGA Cover Art

Image Comics

The BEST Graphic Novels for Adults

With rich color schemes, wild and thrilling narratives, progressive worldviews, Image Comics is in my opinion currently the publisher to beat. Worthy of binge reading over a weekend, not for those with faint hearts.