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Invited and Inspired to Learn

For young and younger learners, with lots of visual elements

It may be back to, or the start of, school for your young learners, so here are a few creatively presented and beautifully illustrated books which enhance the presentation of content in appealing ways. They present messages and information using awe-inspiring visual images, and one of them offers twenty one hands-on activities. All of the topics are about enthusiastically accepting diversity.

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Prime Time Bedtime

Reading aloud for sweet dreams

Make bedtime stories special with these unique page turners. I chose these for the high levels of interaction they encourage, and their subtle, or obvious, lessons in how to enrich those sleepy 20 minutes of the day. With images and words at times funny and always affirming, they can lead to pleasant thoughts of tomorrow. Some may become you and your child’s favorites.

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Introduce that upcoming trip, the gentle reader's way

What to read with your youngsters before traveling to a different space, time zone or experience

Are you interested in preparing your youngest traveler for an adventure? The following titles, fiction as well as non-fiction, were chosen for their visual appeal, to share a simple travel plot or to celebrate the enormous variety of destinations by presenting facts in a fun format. Typical places to visit, as well as offbeat experiences (like lights out in a city apartment) are described, so preparing you and your youngster as you head off to a different space, time zone or experience. Bon voyage!

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Peace, Kindness, Unity, Fairness

Children's picture books

The Association for Library Service to Children, committee of the American Library Association, recently put out a list of books to share the message of “creating unity, acting with kindness towards others, and promoting peace." Here are a few of their picture book recommendations. I included one highlighting justice, or fairness, since without justice, there can be no peace.  

Biography of Ping Fu


These stories, poems and music from our library's collection reflect diversity—its authors can name India, Nigeria, the British Isles and China, for example, as "home." A penchant for globally minded and resilient protagonists finds expression too, and best of all, food and it's preparation is the subject of almost one whole book. Resiliency from Childhood