Teen Council

Teen Council

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The Teen Council is DC Public Library's paid leadership opportunity for teens.\Members' duties are split between working at a library in their ward and meeting with the other members and the Teen Services Coordinator to advise on teen services for the DC Public Library at large. Selected candidates are expected to be leaders in the library, in their communities and among their peers.


Eligibility Requirements

Vacancies for Teen Council are filled on a ward-by-ward basis. Council members must be:
  • A resident of D.C.
  • 14 to 19 years old
  • Able to work 12 hours per week October 2022 - August 2023


Teen Council members have a variety of tasks. The basic job responsibilities are:
  • Advise the library on teen services and initiatives
  • Work on projects relating to teen events across the District
  • Write website and social media posts (check out the teen blog, Teen's Corner)
  • Deliver great customer service by welcoming people to and answering questions about the library
  • Providing tech support on public computers and kiosks
  • Create and lead programs for the public
  • Get patrons excited about our collections and encourage reading
  • Assist staff with community outreach and promoting the library to your peers


Teen Council members get paid $16.10 per hour. In addition to that wage, Council Members also:
  • Gain customer service skills that members can use to apply to any other job
  • Learn how to communicate better with all kinds of people - including adults and peers
  • Get professional development training on things like how to run a successful program
  • Meet other incredible teens from around the city

Application Process

The Teen Council is currently seeking candidates. Apply at careers.dc.gov and search for "Teen Aide". The application closes October 12, 2022.