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Coffee and Conversation flyer.

Coffee and Conversation: Highlights

From Sept. 22 through Oct. 27, 2021, West End Library staff and patrons gathered together weekly each Wednesday at noon to enjoy a cup of coffee and partake in some friendly conversation. The library's front sidewalk, with its thoughtfully designed concrete seats and lovely array of flora and foliage, served as the perfect setting for these early autumn gatherings. Staff lead Bryan  N. and his co-lead Mimi N. served Blue Stone Lane coffee generously sponsored by the West End Library Friends.

Sandwich Clipart

Celebrating Sandwiches!

November 3 is National Sandwich Day and the West End Library will celebrate! Here are some stories to sink your teeth into!  

Coffee and Conversation flyer.

Coffee and Conversation

Join DC Public Library users and staff for coffee and conversation Wednesdays at noon through October 31, 2021. Weather permitting, the program will occur outside under a tent for plenty of shade. Drop in for a free cup of coffee and stay for some good conversation!

Photo of Eloise Greenfield

Celebrating Eloise Greenfield

Award-Winning Children's Author and Poet

Thank you, Eloise Greenfield, for your uplifting stories and positive portrayal of African American family life. Your stories and poems live on in the DC Public Library.    Picture Books by Eloise Greenfield

The Brothers Karmazov 1 flyer

The Intimidating Book Club: The Brothers Karamazov

Overview of The Intimidating Book Club Intended for those who have always wanted to read that one classic novel of gargantuan proportions but never did (or didn't finish). This group will read a notoriously lengthy book widely considered a classic, section by section, and meet monthly at 6:30 p.m. ET for a minimum one-hour discussion that may last through 8 p.m.

Poster Detail from Summer of Sci-Fi Display at the West End Library

2021 Summer of Sci-Fi Book Display

Visit the West End branch library to view the current items on offer

Make this your Summer of Sci-Fi at the West End Neighborhood Library. Staff have selected a number of mind expanding titles for your exploration and enjoyment, Items on display now through Labor Day weekend: SUMMER OF SCI-FI, by Brandon Minson   Fancy a Techno-horror thrill?  Prefer a Techno-thriller chill? Bewildered by the Multiverse?  Might a Space Opera reveal the secrets of the universe?

DCPL 125th Birthday Logo

DC Public Library's 125 Birthday: Wish Window

To commemorate DC Public Library's 125th birthday, share your wishes with the library and put it in our Wish Window! Your wish can be a birthday wish to the library, a wish for yourself, a wish for your friends and family or a wish for other people such as health or world peace. This installation will be from June 3 - July 3. Participants may visit the library during normal business hours during this time period to write their wishes on provided strips of paper and attach their wishes in our Wish Window.

Haiku Contest Logo

2021 West End Haiku Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 West End Library Haiku Contest!  The library judging panel was delighted that the submission pool was so strong. All participants demonstrated facility in the art of haiku writing and are commended for their excellence. Without further ado, here are the winners: Adult Category  

Shakespeare Comedies.

Shakespeare Society: The Comedies

The Shakespeare Society is a monthly Shakespeare reading and discussion group. We meet on the third Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. We intend to read and discuss every single Shakespeare play in series-order, grouped in several series reflecting his tragedies, comedies, problem plays, romances and histories. There is no preferred edition. The West End Neighborhood Library's adult services librarian will facilitate the discussion.