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National Salad Month

I have not always been a salad lover, though I really enjoy fruits and vegetables.  Growing up in Chicago, everything was a casserole.  As a child, I thought that the salad was just an extension of casserole, a dry, less then exciting, casserole.  Clean out the fridge – let’s make a casserole OR salad, uugh! 

Introduction to FlexAware®

Saturday, May 10, 10 a.m.

Please join us for an introduction to FlexAware®featuring Steven Shafarman.  Flexaware helps people breathe freely and move easily, for healing, fitness, exercise, and mindfulness.  FlexAware is uniquely effective for relieving back pain and breathing problems, and for h

Get To Know West End Library Staff!

What is your favorite book?

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West End Celebrated World Book Night!

A Night of Free Books!

All 26 DCPL library branches celebrated World Book Night on Wednesday, April 23.

What Happened At West End?

Poetry Night at St.Mary's Court

West End library had a great night out at St.Mary's Court on Wednesday, April 30. April is National Poetry Month and it was wonderful to celebrate at St. Mary's Court reading poetry ranging from personal poems to famous poems. Look out for more events at St. Mary's Court on our calendar -- all are invited!

What Can You Read At West End?

See What Staff Is Pulling Off The Shelves!

Mother's Day is this month... Come see what books we have about the wonderful mothers in the world!It is also National Bike Month! Come to the library and take out a book on how to repair your bike or exercise on it efficiently!

What Happened At West End?

What A Fun Wii Teen Night!

On Wednesday, April 23 we had a fun Wii Teen Tournament with pizza and a Chipotle prize, sponsored by our West End Library Friends, for the winner! We ended the event with some fun dance Wii games! Check out some of our photos from the event! 

Get To Know West End Library Staff!

What Is Your Favorite Book?

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Spring at West End!

Come See Our Beautiful Accolade Flowering Cherry Trees

It's not too late to see the breathtaking Accolade Flowering Cherry trees in full bloom on th